Fall 2014 Anime Season First Episode Impressions (Ein)

So through most of yesterday and today I was finishing up on the previous seasons shows and starting the new seasons shows. Now I knew from previous seasons that I did not want to overload myself with 40 to 50 shows by trying to watch everything under the sun. Besides the point that I only actually finished maybe 20 of those shows, I literally felt burnt out only a few weeks ago and was wondering if I wanted to continue following anime at that point.

So this season I decided to only go for shows where I was intrigued by the synopsis or was recommended to me by another. By my recently implemented Watchlist tab you can see that this has netted me roughly around 20-25 shows not including backlog shows. I usually do the three episode rule so within two to three weeks that list may dwindle slightly, but given the pretty solid start of all the shows I have seen thus far… I might actually stay around that 20 mark for the season.

Now I watch from my TV/Roku so screenshots which a lot of other people do may not always be around… unless there was something specific from a show I want to talk about and need that screenshot for reference.


So enjoy some fanart instead.

A New Season for New Beginnings

Log Horizon 2: So this season brought along with it the second season of Log Horizon. It also brings along more of what made Log Horizon… well Log Horizon. Going from the first episode there will be a lot of talking and not a lot of action. There will be some back door politics as well in your face politics. So although the studio did change, and the character designer is new to the series, if you liked the first season of Log Horizon you will like the second. Also this may be just my opinion, but other than a couple of point deducted character design wise, I think everything I saw was an overall improvement.

Sword Art Online 2: What? Why are you talking about SAO2? That is a carryover from the Summer! Why? Because it is my blog and I can that is why! Really I just want to 1) Let people know I am watching SAO2 and 2) Give a general opinion on it. So if what has happened up to the recent episode is the end of the first arc for SAO2, I have to say I am enjoying it immensely. I love Sinon personally and I find all her interactions with Kirito to be so much better than the way Kirito and Asuna are around each other. I have not read the Light Novels for the series but I have been told what is coming next should be something else so I am thoroughly looking forward too it.

Sucker for Comedy

Denki-gai: This is one of those very rare cases in anime where I have read the source material BEFORE the anime. So I am going to talk about Denki-gai from two sides here: on one side we have looking at it from a new stand point or have never reading the source material before and on the other side I will look at it from having read the material before. First we have it looking from the outside in as a newcomer. It is fairly good, nothing groundbreaking though and though it fell short in some spots it easily picked itself back up again in the rest. Now let us look at it from having read the material before: first OMFG YES FINALLY ANIME FOR A GREAT SERIES!!!! OK so now that is out of the way: unfortunately they skipped things, but this will happen, but why did it have to be what I would say was important character development? Who knows, I know I sure don’t know why. But for what they did adapt, it was really solid, all the voices fit the characters and the design is beautiful I think. Rotty and Camera are awesome by the way.

I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying: While I do not dislike shorts… I do dislike shorts like this. They try to stuff what feels like should be a slightly longer short of maybe five to ten minutes into two to three minutes. I got some good chuckles out by watching it still though and the fact it is only two to three minutes mean there is no big time investment into it if it turns out as a disappointment for any reason.

Gugure! Kokkuri-san: Is it too early to call Anime of the Season here? This easily took place as my favorite of the first episode impressions. I was laughing through most of the entire episode, and there was even a little bit of a tender moment in there somewhere through the gut punches of laughter. I admit I am easily entertained and comedy is probably my go-to source of genre selections. Kohina herself is cute and while her design would normally bug me I feel like it works here in the series. Kokkuri-san is voiced by Daisuke Ono who did a marvelous job as Handa-sensei in Barakamon (which easily won my AotS for Summer and eased it’s way into my Top 10 Anime list). The other upcoming characters look like they will be a riot and I expect many a great hi-jinks and laughs from this series.


Who doesn’t love some cheap instant noodles?

Strong Hitters

Fruit of Grisaia: OK so this show I wasn’t really sure what was going on. The show seemed to be kind of meandering around as it introduced characters and didn’t seem to know where it was going, I honestly gave it a barely passing score and was thinking of dropping it. Then the last few minutes came. What. The. Bloody. Hell. I don’t think any other show out there has in one episode gone from me thinking of actually dropping it to getting me so interested I could hardly wait for the next week to come. It was definitely intriguing and I will be looking forward to this one.

Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace: I am not sure what this show is attempting. But whatever it is attempting I enjoyed it. The character designs were great, the story so long as we forget about that convenient 6 Month Timeskip, seems interesting, and it looks like it could be fun. Also I don’t care what others say the singular male is the show so far is not the MC or Protag, he is simply a main side character right now. I’d say the red head is the MC going from the first episode honestly.

Trinity Seven: This is one of those shows I was never even looking at, but heard so much about it I couldn’t just stay away. In the end I am glad I didn’t the show seems like it could be a fun and interesting harem-esque show with an MC that actually seems interesting rather than a crying chicken who needs the girls to save him. It felt rushed but given I have never seen the source material it was still fairly solid.

Time For Some Shoujo… I think?

Wolf Girl and the Black Prince: This title seems to be this seasons shoujo title… I think… I am about as much of a sucker for shoujo and romance as I am comedy. But Wolf Girl here seems to be playing along the line of my limits. Simply put Wolf Girl is a pun of sorts on the whole Boy Who Cried Wolf tale in how a lie grows to such a proportion that it gets to where no one believes the liar anymore even when it becomes the truth. So our MC goes out of her way to befriend a pair of girls who probably could care less about her in the end and lies her head off about an imaginative boyfriend who does all sorts of weird things to her. Cue in the Black Prince. Typical shoujo male character who has the looks and manners to make every female in town and at school swoon. Using her lies Wolf Girl says the Black Prince is her boyfriend, when she is almost found out about her lie Black Prince chooses to go along with it. Why? Because Black Prince is a pun on how this Prince is actually a total sadistic asshole and payment for him being pretend boyfriend for awhile is our little liar girl now pretty much has to be his little slave. So while the story sounds completely weird and not all that interesting as I type it out, I still kinda got hooked on it while watching it and I want to see where it goes.

Lost Their Way

Orenchi no Furo Jijou: Hmm… I feel like this show is trying to be a Yaoi… without actually being Yaoi… just as Kokkuri-san had my strongest start of the season this had the weakest for me. It’s a short and it went absolutely nowhere. I don’t think I learned anyones names or if I did I got so bored in that quick time frame I quickly forgot them. While not dropped yet it is teetering so close to the edge a small breeze could knock it away.

And this concludes the first part of my first impressions post with the rest of the shows that I am currently watching hopefully coming in tomorrow.




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