Fall 2014 Anime Season First Episode Impressions (Zwei)

After a much needed nap, and a little bit of gaming on my computer, I decided to tackle down some more of this seasons first episodes. Much in line with what I have seen so far, mostly everything has been solid for me, I am liking so much more just picking and choosing shows more than trying to watch everything that airs. I still have quite a few shows though I haven’t seen yet, but given the amount of shows I am currently at I may put those aside, as well as a few I have seen to do some marathon runs post-season, just so I don’t get burnt out again.


Let’s get part two underway shall we?

It’s the Season for some Amazing Visuals

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis: The intro was quite visually pleasing and the story seems quite interesting. The action is probably going to be stellar and really my only complaint that I can come up with so far is… the MC. I dunno why but just looking at him he looks… odd. I’m sure as the story goes along I may end up learning to like him, but as it stands right now he just looks weird for the setting, not that his rival or whatever is any better. But the girl who happens to turn into a demon… now she was amazing. So long as the series delivers like it did this episode, or improves from it, I should enjoy the series.

Fate/Stay Night: Type-moon is back again with its amazing Fate series, this time remaking the often less than liked works of Fate/Stay Night. I have heard many things about what may or may not happen this time around but visually F/SN blew it out of the park and although the episode dragged on a bit due to its length, the fights, characters, and everything else was top notch for me. Pretty much for anyone familiar with the series they are using Fate/Zero’s excellent visuals but going to the Fate/Stay Night timeline. Now I have heard rumors that they may just redo Fate/Stay Night, more rumors about them focusing on just one of the many routes of the visual novel, and even some about them going on their own path. I guess time will only tell us what will come here.

More Fantasy is Always Good

Lord Marksman and Vanadis: So on one hand, the show seems interesting with its pretty decent visuals and story going on. Then on the other hand judging by the preview and first episode, every female that is important is pretty damn well endowed and will probably fall in love with the MC. Mattering how it plays out… I might be alright with this though. I liked the MC up until he started turning into a blushing maiden at his recent captor as she sort of started to tease him. But despite the few flaws I disliked it still drew me in and I gotta say I am looking forward to it.

What a great way to wake up after being captured!

What a great way to wake up after being captured!

Laughing Under the Clouds: Let’s take a look at another story of the Meiji Period of Japan. For those unfamiliar with this era of Japan’s history it is known for the acceleration of Japan’s industrialization, end of the Shogunate and Samurai, as well as plenty of other things. Many movies and anime show different things some riding right along the lines of what happened, and others going entirely fantastical. Others do a mix of both, such as Gintama with the invasion by alien forces (which is kind of an stab at Europeans and Americans being aliens to Japan during that time period and forcing many new ideas and cultures onto them, among other things), and this series. While so far there doesn’t seem to be any overt fantastical elements in the series as of yet there are definite hints towards them. Such as the island prison that the three bothers ferry prisoners to. As well as the story about why the area they are in is always cloudy. While the first episode was really nothing groundbreaking, I took an interest in it and will continue to follow it.

Because All Good Stories Happen at School

A Good Librarian Like a Good Shepherd: Anyone who watches anime will know, primarily… most events happen at school or to middle/high school aged boys and girls. Now this doesn’t bother me as most of my loved series take place in/at schools with middle/high school aged boys and girls. Anyway enough rambling, this series seems to have a bit of mystical qualities behind it. First there is the Bookworm MC Kakei, who happens to occasionally get premonitions of future events, cue his first one for the series (which I get a feeling might be the only one we see) to run off to save Tsugumi who is an introverted girl who as far as I can tell is trying to make friends. Add in some train derailments, Kakei for the rescue, and… is played off as a molester! Fast forward some and Tsugumi’s best friend misunderstands and tries to wallop our MC into the dirt. Eventually everything is settled down, Kakei bringing his friend and the two girls to his club room in the library learns that Tsugumi wants to have fun while at school and come out of her introverted shell. As they force their way into Kakei’s life they all receive a text from a mysterious Shepherd whom is a widely gossiped rumor apparently on campus. That’s it. Roughly. Sure I skimmed some bits and other things but that isn’t the point here! It wasn’t a bad start… but it wasn’t exactly grabbing either if it wasn’t for the mysterious old man and Shepherd deal. I’ll give it a few episodes to see where it goes.

In Search of the Lost Future: OK so after that long winded last entry let’s try to get this one shorter… yeah that isn’t going to happen with this title. With character designs that remind me of Arpeggio of Blue Steel, but with less CGI, I have to say I was already interested from that alone, now for the story we get an interesting intro that seems to have absolutely nothing to do with what happened in the rest of the episode until the end. Primarily for most of the episode we go through seeing two of the astronomy club members being used as peace officers on campus one who has an obvious crush on the MC and the other who likes to often speak in English, the MC and childhood friend, whom also likes the MC, living together, and the mysterious senpai who is probably going to end up being the focal point of all the mysterious parts of the show. Senpai has a mysterious black box, randomly pops up every where, and other assorted oddities about her. Airi who is a close friend of the MC and his childhood friend tries pushing Kaori, the childhood friend, to the MC despite the fact she herself likes him. After the pushing Kaori confesses to him and heads off to go buy some groceries or something. Now let’s get to the mystery here. Actually I think I won’t spoil it here, but let’s say it left me confused but wanting more. Will at least give this the three episode run.

Sora no Method: More school aged kiddos and some more mystery with possible drama? Yep. We have a fairly slow start but it is obvious that the MC who is returning to her childhood home is carrying some emotional baggage and we are shown through her meetings with a few of the other characters that 1) She doesn’t recognize anyone after seven years and 2) At the moment she could probably care less. There is some sort of giant flying saucer or something in the sky that was not there seven years ago when she was a kid and everyone in town seems to be alright with that. Finally there is Noel who probably is in the top 5 of cutest characters this season. Oh and she can apparently grant wishes? At least that is the vibe I got from her conversation. This one may be one of the ones I put aside for watching later, because other than Noel there wasn’t anything that really… grabbed me saying “Hey watch this every week!” but who knows I may have the time and watch it anyway.

World Trigger: So I am putting World Trigger here because at least at the beginning it was in a school. I am not sure how much of the show will stay in the school though. I know where I am in Weekly Shonen Jump with this series it has nothing to do with schools. But I have never read the beginning of the series so I am not sure if it stays at school for awhile or focuses on the whole Neighbor thing. So going into this series fairly blind, but perhaps not as blind as some others, I was alright with the start. It wasn’t bad, though it wasn’t exactly amazing either. But really the series didn’t need an amazing start I think. It did fine with what it had and made it work. Eventually I may read the beginning of the manga to compare the first episode to something, but as a stand alone episode it was decent enough to make me interested in coming back.

Wow! Some of those entries seemed long winded, sorry about that for anyone actually reading. Right now with these series added to my first list I have seen 18 shows and talked about them I believe I have 24 on my watchlist not including the backlog. Those last 6 I may save for post-season to watch rather then adding them in, I am not sure yet. Luckily of the 18 I have seen only maybe 3 or 4 seem like they have the potential for me to drop them. So it is a pretty solid season and I think me and many other anime fans will enjoy it immensely.

Until we meet again!

Until we meet again!


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