Fall 2014 Anime Season First Episode Impressions (Drei)

I am a horrible and awful little liar… I was trying so hard to not add more to my already full watch list but I ultimately failed at that. I still haven’t even seen everything yet either… oh well. It is still over half less than what I attempted to watch last season and the season before that and I think even the season before that one. This much should be easy enough to handle compared to previous seasons, and there are a few on the chopping block as it stands. This will be the final impressions post, after this if I watch the few I am missing the will just be in a post by themselves. Luckily though this post will be significantly smaller than the last two!

Let's round up these impressions tonight!

Let’s round up these impressions tonight!

Fantasical Fantasies

Akatsuki no Yona: This season is absolutely amazing for anyone who likes fantasy series with I think at least a half dozen shows being fantasy themed. Akatsuki no Yona may not have been the best of what I have seen but it was definitely still a good start. I am glad I decided to watch it because all I heard about it was apparently from idiots on the internet going on and on about how all that happened was the MC, Yona, just swooned over her cousin whom she is in love with. While yes this did happen they kind of failed to mention what drew me into the show. This being the awesome General Hak who comes to the rescue after an intriguing, if not a little foreseen, betrayal that ends the life of Yona’s father. Overall with the characters and story that seems to be happening I think I will enjoy this series.

Classical Romance

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso: Also called Your Lie in April, Shigatsu as far as I can tell from the first episode is going to be some sort of romance/drama series that revolves around classical music, in the broad sense that violins and pianos are classical music. The MC, Kousei, is a mostly introverted kid who had his life of playing the piano forced on him by his ill mother. When she passes away he has a sort of mental breakdown and apparently can’t play the piano anymore (even though he was playing one a few moments before he says he can’t, and this is even pointed out by another character). His childhood friends talk about some love things, specifically about how when you are with the one you love everything seems colorful in your life, and one of them, Watari, in my eyes has a complete crush on Kousei. She sets up the other childhood friend, Tsubaki, up with her new classmate and friend, Kaori, who apparently has a crush on Tsubaki. Cue in the possible drama this series will probably have as Kousei whom earlier said his world was a monotone color of black and white can now see the color of the world after learning Kaori plays the violin. So, yeah that is pretty much it for that episode. A lot of people seemed to compare it to I think Nagi-Asu with it’s love pentagon thing going on, either way I will give it a few episodes to test it out.

When Obsessions Become Odd

Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu: So… this show… how can I explain it… let’s see, take an MC with almost no redeeming qualities, give him an obsession with Twintails/Pigtails, and then about half way through the episode give him the ability to turn into a girl that has twintails and wields fire or something and looks like… he? she? it? came straight out of Vividred Operation. What was shown in the episode was meh overall and I sense nothing of a story really. It is a complete turn your brain off and watch show right now and I think had the second worst start this season that I saw. While not dropped, I will probably conveniently forget about it and let it just slide quietly under the radar for now.

"I can turn into a cute girl with twintails! What can you do?!"

“I can turn into a cute girl with twintails! What can you do?!”

Imperial Arms Race

Akame ga Kill: Like Sword Art Online from my first post, this is a previous season carryover, I was behind on this show (much like I am with Chaika) and caught up my missing episodes over the day. I have to say I am loving this show and its characters. From Tatsumi’s innocence to Esdeath’s blushing when around Tatsumi, I have really grown attached to everyone. I was sad when certain ones left us, and grew happy when new ones joined. Now that I am caught up again I don’t plan to leave this one behind.

How to Make an Anime

Shirobako: Shirobako is that anime that crops up every now and again to show us the nitty gritty real world. This particular one shows us some of the behind the scenes frantics and panics of making an anime series. The show starts out fairly fast paced with a group of high school girls in an animation club declaring their intent to make an anime together, then they are in the process of making their own anime, which they show at a culture festival, and it ends with three of the girls graduating. Suddenly fast forward it is three years later and we are following one of the girls who is I guess one of those gofers or whatever an animation production company hires to go to out of company artists to pick up any work they are doing for the company. Thus happens most of the rest of the episode is problems that crop up behind the scenes while producing anime, such as material not being ready for an episode in a few weeks, and our MC rushing in between all of them doing what she needs to do. She gets the material needed for the episode done by an out of company artist, and the episode ends with her trying to thank the artist only to find her collapsed in her home. The show seems really interesting and a different outlook as we are seeing the behind the scenes works so I will be keeping up with this one.

That concludes this impression list and should be the final impression list overall as everything else either didn’t interest me (Parasyte), hasn’t aired yet (Yuuki Yuuna), I need to see the previous season of (Chaika and WIXOSS), or with a few cases I just haven’t bothered to see yet even though I heard it was good (Garo and Amagi). So while it is more than what I wanted to keep up with (I believe this puts me at 22 shows I have put impressions of up on?) it is far less than what I am used to so I should be safe and my sanity shouldn’t go out of whack.

Time for a great season everyone!

Time for a great season everyone!


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