Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji (Wolf Girl and the Black Prince), Episode 2

It’s time for an episode of “Little Liar Girl and the Sadistic Boyfriend“…. wait no that isn’t it sorry I meant Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji or also known as Wolf Girl and the Black Prince. Now for anyone who read my first impressions post I already explained the series start there and I assume anyone who is reading a post about the second episode has seen the first. Anyway, let’s see how my first attempt at an episode write up does!


So after a… I guess I would consider it a so-so start to the series, we start this episode with Erika and her friends trapped by the rain without umbrellas. One friend calls up her older boyfriend to come pick her up while our black prince, Saya shows up to save Erika from the rain. Cue them walking off together with every girl still swooning over him. A few moments later though his true nature is shown once again when no one else is around and he has Erika holding the umbrella while he strings off a few complaints about how he is getting wet and if he continues getting wet he will drop the whole boyfriend act.

Normally I probably wouldn’t care for Saya’s antics in other shows, but it honestly feels like a sort of fresh breeze in the shoujo world since most shoujo that at least become anime generally show the nobody girl getting the good looking and every other girl loves boy. While that is happening here essentially as well this show pushes it past that and where most other good looking shoujo guys have their faults, it usually doesn’t seem to be on the sadistic level that Saya has. So it really is one of those situations for me where I don’t normally care for this type of character, but the way it is being used in this setting seems to really fit and work to make something interesting for me.

Continuing on, Erika after talking with her best friend starts getting love and romance stuck in her head, after ruling out every boy in her class she is taken out of her class by three other girls who start complaining about her dating Saya. I am pretty sure this scene is cookie cutter needs to be in every shoujo show out there. Just as they are about to attack Erika, here to the rescue is… not Saya! But instead it is Kimura, a boy from yet another class (how big is this school anyway?) who after a few choice words, plus probably the whole saving from the girls, Erika clearly falls for him.


Fast forwarding a bit talking here through more of Saya’s sadistic antics at school and walking home, we are back at school where we have a bit of an unbelievable skit where Erika is literally bludgeoned into the ground by multiple types of sports balls, and Kimura comes to take her to the Health/Nurses room to apply some bandages to her knee (even though every other part of her body was destroyed by the attack earlier as well. She sets plans to meet up with Kimura over the weekend and exchanges numbers. Cue Saya showing up, leaving with Erika, and breaking her phone along with some more sadistic comments about how she should not forget her place because of him hiding her secrets.

Despite the moments with Saya, Erika still goes out on Sunday with Kimura and they go on a fairly classic date, and it is obvious every moment brings her closer to Kimura. At the end of the date she confesses to him that she and Saya are not actually dating like he thought, and even asks if he would want to be her boyfriend. He says no, and explains that the only reason he went out with her today was because he wanted revenge against Saya, whom stole his ex, and he wanted to get Saya’s girlfriend as payback. Saya hears the whole thing as he was there and as a bit of revenge for making Erika cry he ends up giving a nice good right hook to Kimura.

This all ends with Saya delivering more of his usual sadistic banter towards Erika as well as some possible lines of him trying to make her feel better as they leave. Cue in usual shoujo trope when good girl falls for bad boy she starts to develop feelings for him even though he has ALMOST no qualities that would make him even a decent person as of right now. So overall the episode was neither great nor bad I guess. I’m a sucker for shoujo-esque shows though so it is entirely possible even if I end up only giving the show a 6 or 7 out of 10 when it is all finished I will still watch it in its entirety.

I notice at the end here I did more talking about what happened in the episode rather than my thoughts on it like other writers out there do, so hopefully with more of these write ups I will maybe switch my focus. Dunno, I am still new to all this after all, and I may just do it my way for now.



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