Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis, Episode 2

Originally I was going to do today’s post over Weekly Shonen Jump, but really… nothing stellar happened for me in that to warrant making a whole blog post about it. World Trigger is still going through the same arc it has been on for 25 or so chapters, Nisekoi had a Marika chapter, it was nice seeing Death Note again and I kinda want to re-read that series now, and the rest overall was… meh. So instead I decided to do another episode write up, this time about Rage of Bahamut: Genesis and compared to my first impression of it, while the visuals stayed awesome, I grew to love the characters this time around, rather than finding them off putting. Anyway let’s get this on, hope you all enjoy and can bear with me still learning how to write these things!


This episode starts us off around a council of angel like beings that call themselves gods, I am sure they will have more purpose later but for now all we see is them talking about a stolen key and not wanting to give too much assistance to humans. Cut to what I believe is a flashback with an army of Knights cutting down some demons around the dragon that tore things up at the start of the first episode. I just want to include here, I like this shows OP, even though I could deal with less of the screamo parts of it personally…

Back to Favaro who is freaking out about his new partner, his demon tail! Trying to cut it off to no avail our demon girl shows up saying she made a contract with him through their kiss and that she will only get rid of the tail then. Favaro tries leaving while freaking out but his rival Kaisar shows up so he makes an escape through the window instead with our demon girl landing on top of him. They steal a horse and ride off as Kaisar, looking through a window, sees Favaro with his new tail. After this Kaisar is blaming himself for not noticing Favaro was a demon before, thinking he always had a tail. Shortly after this the Orleasan Knights from the beginning of the episode show up looking for a demon in human form (clearly our demon girl).


Going through another session of our demon girl showing off how badass she truly is, Favaro collects on a bounty to get some money, with it he gets her some new clothes as well as gets her some dinner. This part of the episode is where my liking of the main pair vastly increased, our demon girl curious what Favaro is drinking takes his drink, which is alcohol, and falls in love with it. Going through quite a bit she gets interested in dancing which some background characters are doing, so she and Favaro dance around the tavern for a bit. It is here we really see she isn’t a completely expressionless person which I thought she was from the first episode and first half of this one.

After they are done dancing they go take a dip in a lake, and Favaro does make an act to kill her, but stops when he realizes his bounty hunter wristband was not glowing like before. We learn that her name is Amira and the reason she wants to go to Helheim is to find her mother. Who through a flashback appears to look like one of the angel-god people from the beginning as well. After an encounter with Kaisar again they run off and are in the next city, where once again the Orleasan Knights show up looking for Amira. Favaro thinking they can kill her sells her out for a reward and begins to head off, other than the fact his horse has a different idea and rides to Amira.

Cue in riding through the knights ranks, ending their spell which wasn’t even having an effect on Amira, and a convenient fall with some smoke bombs and they run off to be cut off by the other group of knights who had split off from the main group earlier. Now surrounded Favaro in his own style runs off by shooting the ropes on the bridge they are on and with a kick to the planks from Amira they fall into the river below. During this we see that the main leader in the Orleasan Knights carries a pendant similar to Amira’s necklace.

So yeah, that was episode two. More of what made episode one good but adding in the moments between Favaro and Amira that really made me start liking them as characters (I mentioned in my impression post that Favaro looked odd to me at least in the setting of this show). Given the high ranking visuals from this show, the fact it is fantasy, and that I am now enjoying the characters, this show just might come out on top for me this season. It all depends where it goes from here and how the other shows do this season (I have to admit I love my comedy shows and Gugure! Kokkuri-san delivered an excellent second episode this week).

Hope you all enjoyed reading and will continue to read! I promise I may eventually improve my writing for these!

Honestly! Does this look like the face of a liar?

Honestly! Does this look like the face of a liar?


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