Artwork Extravaganza

I was debating whether to do a post about artwork or to do one over Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle’s second episode (and my journey to get to it) and decided on the artwork as I didn’t feel like having three consecutive episode write ups. So my plan for these artwork posts is to just share some random fanart, artwork, etc etc from the web, explain a little as to why I like them or why I posted the picture, and have you all enjoy it. I’ll probably do anywhere from 5 to 10 pictures per post, will see if I prefer a certain number as I do more later down the road.


I have to admit, I do not know much of the vocaloid crew. I know a few of them, and the artwork I generally find of those few tend to be amazing most of the time. But the amount of vocaloids I know is probably less than 10, and according to their wiki there is somewhere around like 60 or 70. I do know though, of the few songs I have listened to, I do love their songs. Despite not knowing anything of what they are actually saying.


There is absolutely no secret about my favorite character from Log Horizon being Akatsuki. I love her design, i’m probably attached to her due to always migrating to rogues in mmo’s myself, and she didn’t annoy me like most of the other females in the show. I like this particular picture due to the flow in motion it has and it really gives off a feeling that I think only Akatsuki can personally pull off.


Not every piece of art has to be some amazingly beautiful piece that has to go through excruciating details to look good. For instance here we have Saber from the Fate/series in her lion suit (seen in Carnival Phantasm) and it is perhaps the most perfect Saber picture out there.

Akai (8)

For anyone who browses Pixiv you will know after any amount of searching really that Pixiv… REALLY… loves Touhou. There are a few other series that crop frequently as well, but due to the amount of characters Touhou has, it is almost impossible not to come across it. Hell when I started looking up Touhou characters I had pictures of characters I didn’t even realize were part of the Touhou universe before already saved in my pictures folder. Anyway I like this picture for two reasons, first the colors are pretty. Yes I am that simple so what? Second I like the use of the sunglare and shadows caused by it, really shows off the skill of this artist.


Anyone who looks up near the top of my blog can see I added along with my watchlist a top anime list. In there is Idolm@ster. Miki is probably my favorite idol from the series, even though really all of them are great. I like this particular picture though for many reasons but will simplify it down to it being visually stunning and call it that. I recommend giving my top anime list and this series a look.


To anyone and everyone who knows me from Crunchyroll they will know me because this is currently my avatar on the site. Is there really anything to say for this picture? It’s just full of awesome and I love it.


There are two types of artwork I love seeing. Both are crossovers. Ones where one character from one anime is wearing the outfit of another character from another series are great. But I also love ones like this where you have characters from different interacting (or in the case attacking) characters from another series.


Puella Magi Madoka Magica was one of those interesting cases of: I never expected me, a guy, to watch THIS. Despite that, it was enjoyable and I love this piece because of the mix of colors, the effect of their hair and clothes in the water, and really it is really visually pleasing. By the way I completely recommend watching PMMM, it’s is a completely harmless lighthearted slice of life comedy show and you will enjoy it.


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