Log Horizon Season 2, Episode 3

So after a Thursday that left me in a bad mood and going to rewatch a comedy series and followed by a Friday that left me sick and barely out of my bed I come to Saturday with intermittent internet connection issues and am barely connected for more than a few minutes at a time, hopefully this post will go up fine… As such this post will be significantly shorter compared to the others, and unfortunately will not have any pictures to break it up.

Today’s episode of Log Horizon starts us out in with Shiroe’s raid moving through the raid that was found in the previous episode. We are offered an info dump on the raid style that really takes a page out of old Everquest style raiding with the 4 groups of 6 people, one tank group, one support group, and two damage groups. We also learn how they chip away through bosses and that raids in the game, even before the apocalypse apparently, could take months to complete. Gotta say if that was actually in an MMO now people would probably go crazy, yet a part of me wants to try it all the same.

Pretty much a good half of the first episode continues this on with Log Horizon style info dumps, learning how to deal with new raid bosses, fighting stronger and stronger opponents, and eventually running into the problem of starting to run short on supplies to continue the raid. Shortly after we get some short flashbacks of one of the characters and his reasons for being in the raid and questioning Shiroe’s as well as Demikas raging about because Shiroe helped him earlier in the episode. Throw in a moment between Naotsugu and our slightly annoying (but somehow still endearing) idol character also talking about Shiroe, and we even as the viewer have to wonder how little other characters know about Shiroe, hell do WE even know that much?

The episode ends going back to our crew in Akihabara setting up for the Christmas holidays that start in a week. We learn through Rudy that the People of the Land follow a different tradition, but it is similar to Christmas itself. While having some snacks the group talks about rumors of a new skill rank that is higher than the current raid obtained rank of a skill. We get some inner monologue from Akatsuki wanting to be stronger and then the episode ends with what appears another People of the Land character or possibly event boss (given his red fur cloak i’m going for the holiday event boss) standing outside of town pretty much saying that the adventurers need to be less cocky.

That is pretty much it without going into great detail right now. Hopefully I can figure out why I am having these internet issues and have them resolved by the next time I post.


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I'm your average twenty-something that just happens to not have your average twenty-something life. I enjoy Anime and Manga. I also like to dabble in writing and Drawing. I also play more games than is necessarily healthy.
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