Inou Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de (When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace or InoBato), Episode 3

So for anyone actually keeping up with my posts, I mentioned in my last one that I had a fairly bad Thursday followed by being sick on Friday with internet issues on Saturday that lasted into Sunday. Yesterday I started my process of getting back into school which involves a lot of paperwork since I was on suspension due to my GPA. So now that it is Tuesday I am almost a full week behind on the season since I only watched like three shows from Thursday to today. Since I am currently in the process of catching up everything I thought I would take a small break and go ahead and do another post so I don’t go crazy trying to watch like fifteen shows back to back. Thus today’s post is over Weekly Chuuni Fantasies er… I mean… Inou Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de also known as When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace or InoBato.

Such a long winded name...

Such a long winded name… Oh, and images are back, YAY!

First I will admit right here and now, today’s episode was not really all that stellar. It had some good parts here and there, but overall I normally would have probably dropped a show like this given this was the third episode and only one of those three so far has piqued my curiosity (which it really does not take much to pique that curious thing). But I did not drop it, and the reason being for that? I am strangely drawn to these characters. I don’t know if it is their chuuni tendencies (Chuu2 did make my Top Anime List after all), or if it is something else that I just can’t put my finger on yet. Anyway on with the show.

So the episode starts out with Andou talking with a teacher, whom I assume is the equivalent of an English teacher or Composition teacher here in the states? Talking about how Andou used round about ways to get the same answer as everyone else reminds me of when I was last in composition, and while not wrong, the teacher still wanted to grade it wrong because of how it was. That said I would still probably love this teacher, she seems so lazy she would be so easy to get work around… none of you heard that from me.

Following this we get another male character showing up named Sagami who apparently knows Andou, they go through some light jabs about him being an otaku and Andou being a chuuni, but despite this as the teacher points out, they do seem to be fairly close friends. Afterwards Sayumi comes up to Andou to take him to the clubroom so they can have a recreation day of sorts. They end up playing tennis while using their powers and I learn at least despite Andou’s chuuni life, he is at least still a guy and does take some good looks at Hatoko, good man Andou! Of course Tsundere Tomoyo does call him out for it, but hey it’s anime, tropes will be tropes right?


After the match we get some scenes of the girls pretty much proving to me that despite what they may or may not say they all obviously care for and probably like Andou, in their own ways at least. Meanwhile Andou had run off to find his notebook full of his chuuni fantasies (seriously does every chuuni have these? I will not admit if I did or not…). At this point we meet the sketchiest character that could possibly exist… if this wasn’t a chuuni filled anime at least. Silver haired, black trenchcoat wearing, and full of chuuni to rival even Andou’s, this new guy who we learn is Kiryuu befriends Andou through their chuuni fantasies (it’s like Rikka and Dekomori, but two dudes instead).

Then Tomoyo shows up and we learn that Kiryuu is actually her older brother who apparently left home due to problems at home. We get some talk about his life in Tomoyo’s and some other stuff, I also believe he was the guy hanging from the tree last episode or maybe in the first? So I get the feeling he will have a bigger role to play later. The episode ends with Chifuyu coming home to an obviously empty home that then cuts to her waiting outside of the high school and per proclaiming she doesn’t need to go to school anymore because she has quit which then leads straight into the to be continued tag.

With a face as cute as this I think I can agree to these sudden terms though...

With a face as cute as this I think I can agree to these sudden terms though…

So yeah, as I said. Really nothing stellar happened this episode, we have a slight cliffhanger that I am sure will be quickly resolved next episode, and really the only thing I can think of that is keeping me with this show is the characters, because right now they are amazing and I love them. Pretty simple as that right now, though I also have this feeling, that things will really be interesting later.


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