Artwork Extravaganza #2

So I have decided to use Wednesday as my little art corner for now, this could also be that the only thing I can think to talk about is little quibs about my thoughts so far on the Fall season of anime specifically where I am in the series, why I like them so far, and why I have stuck with some that others seem to dislike considerably. Don’t worry if that interests you at all that will probably be my post tomorrow, just need to watch a few more things today and tomorrow before I worry about posting that. Anyway let’s do another art session now!


There seems to be an interest in artwork of having fish and other sea life swimming next to people and through cities even at one time being one of Pixiv’s Spotlights on one day a few months ago. I enjoy them and this particular image because it kind of gives that fantasy vibe of sorts of what if we could breathe in water and had cities and such in the sea or vice verse if fish and sea life could breath and swim through the air? It’s all fun to think about I believe. Also shiny picture is shiny.


I am not that huge of a Love Live fan, and I will readily admit that to anyone. Why… probably has to do with the fans more than the series itself. The series was decent enough, though not my favorite idol series out there, but the fans of the series just drive me insane personally. Seriously why can’t I like another idol series or some other member of μ without you Love Live fans biting my head off? Anyway… if I were to choose my favorite μ girl it would probably be Kotori, though Nozomi and Eli would be fairly close behind her, pretty much it is those three and they kinda just rotate based on my mood.

Momiji (11)

Touhou. As I stated before it seems to be everywhere on Pixiv, which isn’t necessarily bad because primarily all of the characters are cute and get good artwork. My favorite though is probably Momiji here. Primarily due to finding a great artist focusing on her I ended up with over 50 different pieces for her, 30 of which were from one artist. Which is the most I have of just one character of the like couple thousand pictures I have saved on my computer by now. I love this picture (and this artists pictures) due to the detail it gets especially in the hair, fur, and clothes.


While Miki is still probably my favorite idol from Idolm@ster, Makoto was still likable (like the rest of the cast), but really I am posting this mostly because of the detail this artist put into Makoto. While I only came out of the users profile with 10 pieces I was stunned by just the level of detail I saw in every piece, and it made me wish I had 1/10th of some these artists skill…


At this point I am sure most were wondering if all I was going to do was post cute girls being cute for all my pictures, and while I thought about it, I decided I should share some of the non cute stuff as well, which is why the next couple will be the more badass, epic, or scenery type of pictures. This particular piece was submitted into one of Pixiv’s current ongoing competitions and it really is pretty badass. Thanks to that contest I have found quite a bit of new art and users to follow.


I love fantasy pictures almost as much as I love just general scenery landscape pictures. This one we get one of those types of fantasy pictures where there is a world living in the tops of the tree and clouds. I kinda want to use something like this in my fantasy stories…


Keeping with my love of fantasy here we get a city obviously in a fantasy setting. Though it is hard to tell in the smaller picture somewhat, I do love the detail the building get here. I also love the transition and almost blend it has from going to a more naturalistic setting to a more stonework type of setting with the buildings.

ParallelI love the colors of this picture, also the whole parallel sort of look giving off the feeling of two different worlds is really intriguing. Just looking at it I feel like if this were a setting for a book or show it would be something like two different worlds that are connected at this spot where people who sit in the chairs can talk to each other.


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I'm your average twenty-something that just happens to not have your average twenty-something life. I enjoy Anime and Manga. I also like to dabble in writing and Drawing. I also play more games than is necessarily healthy.
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