A Week of Thoughts

So with so much going on around me dealing with paperwork and such for school, plus all the other minor issues I have had, I fell behind by quite a bit over the last week and only ended up watching probably less than 10 of the 22 or so shows I was keeping up with. So this post is going to be just some quick couple of sentences worth thoughts of mine on series I have caught up with so far until I get everything caught up again and go back to reviewing by random episode picks. Also will give an idea of my thoughts and judgement so far on series I have yet to speak of since they started.

Hopefully this won't end up painfully boring...

Hopefully this won’t end up painfully boring…

Trinity Seven: T7 so far has interested me quite a bit. Yeah it is full of harem tropes but those barely bother me at all anyway. The MC is fun and I feel actually acts like a guy in the situations he is in, rather than someone with no backbone and tries to weasel his way out of them. The rest of the cast so far is pretty interesting as well especially the ninja girl (there I go again for rogue types…)

Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle: Chaika was a fun bit for me mostly because I actually started on episode 8 or 9 of the first season. I thought I had watched it all but apparently I didn’t, so I ended up with a little marathon from episode 8 to the current episode. It’s much of the same stuff so far as the first season gave, given that I liked the first season I am liking the second.

Shirobako: Giving us that cold hard reality we shut-ins don’t like to think about, Shirobako has surprisingly interested me quite a bit. I think that is because of the interactions of the cast, which is admittedly huge, and the whole realism of it. I actually FEEL like that is how an anime is or isn’t made. Whether it is or not isn’t the point, it’s the fact I feel like it is while watching it. I like shows that can do that level of realism, yeah sure there are other realistic shows out there… but they all seem to have some level of fantasy still in them.

"What do you mean you can't deliver donuts?!"

“What do you mean you can’t deliver donuts?!”

Akatsuki no Yona: I made no attempt to hide I like fantasy shows. Whether they are high fantasy or low fantasy, so long as it is fantasy I tend to enjoy it. Yona makes no exception here and so far I have enjoyed it, although they keep teasing us with this kickass princess we are suppose to get, but have not gotten yet…

A Good Librarian Like a Good Shepherd: So this is one of those shows that others tend to drop or not even touch at all it seems. I have to say though… I am actually enjoying it. I don’t know WHY exactly… it really is so far just school kids doing school things with just a small fantastical twinge involved in the background… I would guess me liking it is either the characters, because I like them all so far, especially the cat mascot, or it is that small fantastical twinge in the background showing up every now and again. Who knows? So far though it isn’t bad for me.

Denki-gai no Honya-san: Denki-gai is one of those few rare cases of me reading the source before the anime. The anime adaptation while being so far pretty spot on has shown me… not every adaptation is good… even while it is pretty spot on to the manga, I feel like I connected with the manga easier and had more good moments from it. The anime so far has left me with some serious highs and lows entertainment wise. I am still enjoying it and will continue to watch it, but if I were to recommend it or the manga… i’d choose the manga.


I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying: I feel like this short is speaking to every guy who is pretty much a shut in or would call themselves an otaku and happens to be married. I suppose it also could be for any female who considers themselves normal and happens to have one of those guys as their spouse? It’s quick humor is easily enjoyable and at least for me kind of reminds me of whenever I date somebody, except said person isn’t living with me, married to me, and probably doesn’t put up with me as well as the lass from this show does with her husband.

Laughing Under the Clouds: This show… can not make up its mind… and neither can I! At one moment its fairly generically boring mish mash of nothing going on… followed up by moments that make me want more. Especially episode 3 I believes ending with the oldest brother… AUGH!!!!! Yeah… I am still gonna keep watching it… too much going on for me not to be intrigued…

In Search of Lost Future: Although the premise intrigued me, although the character designs and visuals intrigued me, and although everything just intrigued me in the first episode… everything went downhill from there… The second episode brought out increasingly worse visuals, what was going on put me to sleep, and everything that wasn’t bothering me started bothering me. I ended up dropping this one after only making it half way through the third episode and having fallen asleep twice while trying to watch it. I may pick it up post season for a marathon because I will admit… things intrigued me… just not enough to worry to keep up with it anymore.

"What do you mean we got dropped?!"

“What? We got dropped?!”

Sora no Method: So far this show is completely carried by the cuteness that is Noel. Everything else seems mostly contrived and fake. The drama that is suppose to be there, the looks in the characters faces when that drama shows up, all of it is just bleh and feels so scripted. Have not dropped yet but right now it is kinda near the line of dropping… I like it for what it is… it is just not stellar at its delivery I guess?

Fruit of Grisaia: This show seems to be walking on a strange path… On one hand it isn’t bad… but on the other it is just… I dunno really… odd I guess? It also seems to be trying to be two things at once, one of those being a rom-com and the other some dark mysterious thriller type of show. It doesn’t do well at blending them either… it’s either hardcore one or the other, sometimes shifting this genre shift in one scene.

Gugure! Kokkuri-san: It seems others have been dropping this show from what I have been reading. Me personally? This is probably in my Top 5 of the season and possibly my favorite comedy of the season. I just love it and it is all thanks to Kokkuri-san, who sounds like Sensei from Barakamon, and Kohina, who is just too freaking adorable. Yeah Inu kinda annoys me, especially when in male-inu form. But it is so far tolerable. Also the new Tanuki guy looks like he will be a hilarious addition.

The final boss, Kohina has arrived!

The final boss, Kohina has arrived!

World Trigger: If painfully slow was described… it would probably be World Trigger. I can’t say it is bad, because really it isn’t… But at the same time it seems nothing is really happening either… at the rate it is going, I know what will happen for the next episode or three judged by how far it has gone and how far that is in the first two manga volumes I read.

Lord Marksman and Vanadis: I mentioned my love of fantasy right? OK so that pretty much explains how I feel about Vanadis. On to the next then…

Sword Art Online 2: It looks like SAO2 has entered its second arc, and it is back in ALO it seems with one of those events that seem to happen around Kirito and gang that seems more like it is a bug or someone adding stuff to the game that could severely cripple it. Such as this time an NPC handing out a quest, and said NPC has a code algorithm that makes it more like Yui, an AI, more than a code generated character like any other game or NPC. Anyway its more fantasy and less guns so… yeah!

Comes with its own cat eared Sinon. So double win.

Comes with its own cat eared Sinon. So double win.

And that concludes the catch up I believe. There are few more shows I need to catch up on between Crunchyroll and FUNimation, but I did good at catching most of them up given how disastrous my week had been to my free time. My watchlist is up to date and shows which shows I am and am not watching currently including drops and saving for post season. Forgoing any other problems cropping up I should have everything caught up in a day or two.


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