Gugure! Kokkuri-san, Episode 4

So after finally catching everything up I believe a dropping and nearly dropping a few more shows from my list, I return today to get back into episode write ups and I am going to do Gugure! Kokkuri-san today which happens to be probably my favorite comedy, favorite cast, favorite OP, and in my top 5 of shows this season. So let’s get this show on the road shall we?

... and hopefully leave with no mental scars...

… and hopefully leave with no mental scars…

First I will point out the first half of the show I was completely distracted (and laughing) due to the fact of the voice actors of our new Tanuki friend (voiced by Nakata, Jouji) and Kokkuri-san (voiced by Ono, Daisuke) and that is because these voice actors also voice Nyanta from Log Horizon and Handa-sensei from Barakamon respectively. So every line they had I kept hearing their other roles and picturing them together, which increased the laugh factor I think from me.

Now with that out of the way we get the episode rolling where it left off and Kokkuri is treating Shigaraki much like he was treating Inugami, a complete pest. This time around though unlike Inugami, Kokkuri actually knows Shigaraki and we learn it is because they used to live together, sort of… more like they were neighbors and Kokkuri had to clean Shigaraki’s place because the filth would spread to his place.

Shigaraki is an alcoholic gambling addict whom as a tanuki lives off playing pranks on humans. He also rarely takes anything seriously, which is also part of his nature. Wondering if Shigaraki can turn into a fluffy animal much like Inugami and Kokkuri-san, Shina ends up asking him to turn into an animal… which ends in drastic results…

Putting it mildly...

Putting it mildly…

The next part Kokkuri-san, Kohina, and Inugami (who seems to live attached to Kohina now) stalk Shigaraki wondering what he spends his time and money on (specifically for this moment, Kokkuri-san’s money). They end up at an orphanage where they are met with the sight of Shigaraki acting not like himself, specifically not like complete scum like usual. Learning he visits and make donations to the orphanage every month. We are actually led to believe he is a great guy by the orphanage owner saying without his donations they couldn’t keep the place running.

That is where we then learn the truth behind it all… Shigaraki pretends to be good because it counts as his “job” of tricking humans. Of course Kohina thinks this is just to hide his embarrassment, which with this show could actually be a possibility… He also brought all the orphans there due to them being the only ones left of the families he drove to ruin through his haunting. Which kinda is the clincher of the whole “evil acting good” bit.


The second half of the episode takes place at Kohina’s school, with Kokkuri-san worrying whether or not she has any friends. So Kokkuri-san decides that on that day he would follow Kohina to school and check up on her through the day, right after Shigaraki leaves a jab about her possibly liking boys, and Kokkuri going all protective mother/father mode at that moment. Though it may be difficult for him since he keeps getting distracted by her adorableness during class.

Now for the interesting part where we are introduced to the next new character… Yamamoto-kun! Who happens to be an alien. Yeah it’s this show, are you surprised yet? Yeah me neither. But don’t worry! He is nice, everyone likes him, and he is pretty much perfect. But still you know even though I wasn’t really surprised (since he does show up in the OP sequences)…

I really wasn't...

I really wasn’t…

Following this discovery though we are given some highly cliche alien moments. Specifically E.T. moments with the whole glowing finger touch and making bicycles fly through the air. Also the very cliche “I am an Earthling” sort of introduction. We get some more of his apparent popularity due to the fact of his caring love for his sister… Oh and that happens to just be the freaking ALIEN from the Alien series… yeah you know the acid spitter that erupts from the aliens mouths? Oh and his parents are apparently the men in black.

The show ends with the girl who has been cropping up every so often and I think the next episode may introduce her into the series, possibly as a friend for Kohina… or someone who is fanatic about ghosts and hauntings and such stuff and noticed Kohina being haunted by now three spirits and now wants to investigate her? Who knows. Overall a great episode that made me laugh quite a bit. If it keeps up as it is, it will definitely stay in my top 5 of the season, possibly pushing its way to top 3 mattering how other shows play out through the season.

Time to leave!!

Time to leave!!


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