Trinity Seven, Episode 4

I actually had a tough time deciding what to write about this time around and decided to go for T7 because I like it and I wanna see if I can go through the season without doing more than one write up per show (given how many I have dropped… this is unrealistic I think…). T7 has pleasantly surprised me so far though and I really like the MC mostly because I feel like it is how I would react to most of the stuff happening in the show.

Time to start this show!

Time to start this show!

This episode starts us off with Arata and Lilith heading to the class to find everyone asleep. We learn that it is a breakdown phenomenon similar to what just happened with Arata. God though do I love the Headmaster and Arata, they are perfectly perverted! Maybe it is because I am equally perverted? Dunno, probably… Anyway after learning it is a breakdown phenomenon Akio and Mira head off to do what they do with breakdown phenomenons, and that is promptly destroy their source. The Headmaster hints that the phenomenon is from below the school, where apparently Yui, whom we saw during Arata’s phenomenon, is being held due to her dangerous magic. That is a lot of phenomenon…

Apparently now though due to Yui’s power the dungeons are some sort of dreamlike world and full of demons attracted to the magic. We also learn here, despite Arata’s tremendous amount of power… he is fairly useless right now… because he is still learning about magic and how to use it. So he ends up fumbling recreating the gun he previously had and ends up cancelling out Lilith and Arin’s magic. Sorry Arata, about all you are good for is getting me to laugh right now it seems.



But to the rescue is clearly the best character in the show for me… Levi-chan! She ends up being a badass ninja and tearing through all the demons that come after them. Seriously between her badassness and personality, unless she does some crazy flip and betrays everyone and murders their families… actually wait no even if she does that I will still probably consider her my favorite. We get another little info dump about how Arata is a bumbling idiot right now with too much power in his hands. I hope as the series goes on he becomes less bumbling idiot and more kick ass at more times than just when it is needed to save the day.

Right before Yui’s room the whole gang is reunited as Mira and Akio who left earlier come crashing through a wall with the intention to destroy Yui. To hold them off Levi chooses to fight them while the others go on but a few minutes later, shortly after Arata and the others go into Yui’s room, they rejoin them due to the dragon/demon that Yui has summoned as well as Arata starting to breakdown again.


I gotta say though… I didn’t really care for the next few parts overall… though it was still good. Arata seemed to have to be carried through everything. From how to control his breakdown, a crash course on how to use magic in the situation, as well as the whole use too much magic and you can turn into a demon bit. But points for him because he wasn’t trying to run from it or was being forced to do anything, it was all his choice even after learning that he could literally lose his mind using magic. So like I said, it wasn’t bad… just… I do hope Arata becomes less useless later…

Last bit of the episode is Arata getting his bad ass gun back after learning how to make it again, boom headshots the dragon, and then Yui wakes up and turns out to be the token imouto character that is already attached to Arata. Levi seems to be hiding something here possibly… but given the fact she is awesome. I give it a pass, also who knows with this series… it could actually turn into a thing of her being bad… or that she just wants to eventually sleep with Arata and have his demon lord candidate babies…

Overall a good episode, good series, and next episode seems to be bringing in the last of the Seven out.


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