Artwork Extravaganza #3

This Artwork Extravaganza is brought to you by the holiday: Halloween.

Yeah that’s right with Halloween being just right around the corner here I felt like today should be a little bit of a special one and cater towards some Halloween based artwork. As such this post will probably be a bit shorter than the others so far, because despite Pixiv even having a great contest for Halloween out… and usually giving me great pictures all the time… I just have not come across many that I would jump at and save. Of course when I say a bit shorter… we are talking maybe one or two pictures shorter…


I am fairly certain somewhere I mentioned Touhou has a large cast of characters? I also mentioned along with it that I don’t know more than probably… five or six of them and get constantly surprised by just who actually turns out to be a touhou character. I should really play the games or something… I might learn something.


One thing about anything anime related, whether it be actual anime, artwork drawn in the anime style, or games… even if it is suppose to be over something scary… like the holiday Halloween, a horror show, or really anything… they will make it cute. I am alright with this. Until we get into horror stuff because it is rarely scary horror as much as psychological horror, and that stuff can just mess with your mind for weeks.


Speaking of cute characters… Eli here just recently had her birthday. I always get kinda scared myself seeing how devoted some people can be to characters by remembering… and even celebrating… their favorite characters birthdays. But hey whatever makes em happy!

Jack O'Lantern

Besides Jack being part of just the Halloween culture and such… I believe this particular one is based off the one that shows up in Problem Children are Coming from Another World in that tournament episode against the animal girl.


A staple picture for Halloween, especially around Pixiv artists, is the witch costumes. Even though I think this particular one is actually from something (forgive me for being too lazy to find out…) of course there are other things that are common.


Such as the bat/demon look. But… I think there are more witch girls, especially on Pixiv. Which is a shame really. Demon girls need some love as well!


And here I am at the end of this post with a picture that could actually be considered “scary” or actually in tune with the holiday… wondering why I have so few words typed out when I realize I never really explained why I like the pictures like I usually do. Let’s just go with they were all good and caught my eye over other pictures and leave it at that shall we?


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I'm your average twenty-something that just happens to not have your average twenty-something life. I enjoy Anime and Manga. I also like to dabble in writing and Drawing. I also play more games than is necessarily healthy.
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