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Chaika – The Coffin Princess – Avenging Battle, Episode 8

Originally I didn’t plan to do any posts until I caught up with my anime first. But looking at how far behind I am with nearly 12 hours of anime to watch still I decided to go against that, because with how much I am still gaming 12 hours will take me a few days to watch, and new episodes are still coming out during that time. Hopefully I can power through a good chunk of it this weekend if I can put my mind to it at least.

Anyway today I will be going over the most recent Chaika episode. Enjoy!


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A World of Warcraft Experience

A few days ago I was asked by a friend what all I play and have played on World of Warcraft over the years. The answer simply being yes. Over the years I have played everything to max level (during the time I played them at least) at one time or another. Sure my playing has slowed down quite a bit since then, and now I only have a handful of characters I actively play, but I got to thinking… how often am I honestly asked that question and how often has that question been asked to me in my time on WoW.

So I thought hey why not here on my blog dedicate a post to the characters I play on WoW. It lets me put in one place the characters I play without me having to type it all out over and over again, as well let’s me continue on my trek of catching up on all the anime I am behind on currently.


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Dragon Age: Inquisition Review

So the good news is, I finally beat Dragon Age: Inquisition. Which means it should distract me less now so I can actually put some focus in other things.

The bad news is, I already started my second character and have other games I want to play, so my good news is more or less a lie now.

The worse news is I got sick Friday night-Saturday morning, and have felt like hell all weekend, and still do in fact. I spent most of my weekend time with which I was hoping to power through anime I am behind on by sleeping.

So as I have not watched any shows we are getting a post on the only possible thing I can do, which is a game review that will probably be horrid because all I can think of right now is my pillows.


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Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai, Episode 7

So as I slowly work through my backlog of stuff I have missed due to being completely distracted by my gaming session, I decided I would do an episode write up today about a show I haven’t really given much attention yet on my blog. Which would be Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai, or also known as A Good Librarian, Like a Good Shepherd. I have given my thoughts on the show before which pretty much can be summed up as not good, but not bad either. On with the show!


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Another Few Days…

Why am I so predictable?! I have done nothing but play WoW and Dragon Age: Inquisition for the last 48 hours or so at least. I didn’t even take much breaks other than for food or the very few shows I actually watched… I am behind on pretty much everything else I need to do it is getting bad. I am so glad I don’t work or have school, because I would probably be fired/failing very badly right now if I did. But hey who can blame me? DA:I is a massive game with A LOT of content in it. I mean my game has 30 hours on it and I feel like I am nowhere near done still.

Anyway, normally Wednesday is an art post day, but I am far from prepared to do a full post of just artwork. So as you may have seen I called this post a rambling. Why? That is because I plan to have a bit of everything in this post. Some art, some DA: I talk, maybe some more WoW talk, anime talk of what I have actually watched, what I need to watch, and how long it will probably be until I actually watch…

Don't worry, I am fine, probably just going a little crazy at this point.

Don’t worry, I am fine, probably just going a little crazy at this point.

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The Last Few Days…

So just as predicted I got completely absorbed into WoW’s expansion and thus put the blog aside for a few days. Now because of the queue times I didn’t completely forget about my anime, but a lot of it was watching older stuff or rewatching of some shows, and as such all I have watched of  this season over the last 3 days is only three of the shows. None of which I really want to go into big enough detail of just an episode write up. So I am going to give my thoughts on those three, as well as some of my thoughts on the Warlords of Draenor expansion to WoW at the end.


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A Rambling Post – Games and Manga

Today I offer you my second rambling post.

Why? Mostly I am tired and exhausted from trying to deal with World of War-crack-craft and it’s new expansion. You would think after 10 years I would be used to the fact that my particular server is one of the highest in population, and thus the first week or so is an insanity to deal with.

Another reason though is while you all know what I am currently watching, anime wise at least, you don’t know much else. Such as what games I play, other than WoW and other games I did reviews for, or what manga I read, other than Nisekoi because I brought that up a few times.

The final reason? I don’t wanna watch anime tonight, haven’t played enough of any other game to think about doing a review, and no idea how to go about doing a review/thought process over a manga series by itself right now.

So! Onward with the post without much of a purpose!


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Artwork Extravaganza #5

It’s Wednesday which means a few things for me this week. First is it means Warlords of Draenor comes out tomorrow and second it means Dragon Age: Inquisition is one day closer. These two things are probably going to eat up a LOT of my free time for the next… oh few weeks at least. Though I will try to keep up with my anime and blog despite that. Lastly of course Wednesday also means my post today shall be another artwork sharing post.

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Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis, Episode 6

So looks like I am going to go back on my word of trying to do a different show every time I did an episode write up, as I am going to go back and do this one over Bahamut again. Which isn’t exactly a bad thing as it is in my top 5 this season so far, with it getting better and better each episode I doubt it will go down any either, but I have been surprised before… Anyway, on with the show!


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“Banished” Review

I want to start out this post first with a thank you, I hit my first month last night in the blog world as well as passed the 1k views milestone, which is about 990 more views than I anticipated to have, today. So I am pretty happy about these small and personal achievements that are all thanks to everyone who reads the blog.

Anyway today I want to talk about Banished, an indie city builder game on Steam, and I want to say I am hesitant really in calling this a review, because I think you should only review something you have played most of, especially the main campaign, or have beaten when it comes to games. But that is where Banished kind of deviates from, and I will get to that in a moment. So let’s start what is more just my general thoughts on the game, more than any great review.


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