Lord Marksman and Vanadis, Episode 5

After a bit of a World Series low, why did my Royals have to lose, followed by a Halloween high, Wolf Girls are cute, I am back and starting my weekend off with another episode write up. This time I am going to tackle Lord Marksman and Vanadis, which I must say is actually surprising me with how well it is keeping my interest even though it is not doing anything all that stellar really.

It's probably the visuals...

It’s probably the visuals…

The episode starts out with Elen and Lim relaxing in a bath, apparently more or less just glossing over the fact at the end of the last episode she had been poisoned. We get a few moments of Lim finally starting to trust Tigre and Elen sort of still fawning over him. Meanwhile elsewhere Tigre ends up walking in on Ludmila while she is bathing, which causes some more moments of Tigre being a bashful boy and the girls being pretty brazen by not caring a dude is seeing them naked, of course as warriors they probably should be anyway.

After this they are all walking around town where Ludmila is acting haughty and refusing to eat what she calls commoner food from a food stall. At least not until Tigre offers her some as an apology for the bath scene earlier, which she then accepts. Which of course starts an argument between Elen and Tigre with pretty much Elen being jealous that Tigre is giving attention to another female, must be hard for him since 80% of every other cast member that has a line is female.


After this, due to some lines between Elen and Ludmila, and the fact they are also actually enemies, a war breaks out in the mountains between Elen and Ludmila’s factions. Which offers some more of the tactical view narrative from I believe it was the third episode that I really enjoy for some reason. The fight turns into a drawn out stalemate as Ludmila moves her forces to a fortress that is easily defendable.

The next part was really interesting for me, Tigre attempting to find another way into the fortress goes into the wilds wearing a bear skin cloak that hides his features. While out he killed a fox for food only to run into Ludmila who is out to spend some time alone. We learn through her conversations with Tigre (whom she does not recognize because he is using a different bow and since his features were hidden by the cloak deepened his voice to fool her) that she really doesn’t want to be in the position she is in really, and is only there more or less because of her family heritage.

After she leaves, Tigre waits for awhile before following her to find the rear exit of the fortress. He takes this information back to Elen and they take a host of knights to attack the gate, which happens to have been fortified slightly more since Tigre was there. Elens attack only ends up denting the gate but with Tigres they break through and the battle is on for the next episode. So the episode while not really all that great, also wasn’t bad and I am still thoroughly enjoying it.



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