Shirobako, Episode 4

I should have some sort of intro here like normal, but I can’t really think of anything today. So i’m just going to jump right in with my write up of Shirobako’s fourth episode.

Because I am not going to...

Because I am not going to…

So after the previous episode where Miyamori and our crew just barely got their anime’s fourth episode in on time we start this one out with one of the original five girls who became a voice actor, Shizuka, practicing her lines on the train. After that we get some slow parts that for some reason I still enjoy, such as the banter between the two guys about the air conditioning. You know I feel like after four episodes I should know peoples names in this show other than the five girls from the beginning… but there is just too many to remember for that type of stuff… Anyway after their banter we get some lines from Miyamori and Ema about how all five of the girls from the beginning are getting together on their day off, and that Shizuka was going to an audition.

At Shizuka’s audition it is clear she is nervous, glancing at the others voice actors gathered in the studio she is at. She starts to lose heart when a highly experienced voice actor shows up to audition as well. She goes in and messes up on a few of her lines and it is clear to the guys in charge that she is nervous and it is showing. But it seems that one of them took a liking possibly to her, it’s hard to say as she does end up leaving crying, but I don’t know if that is because they turned her down or she thought they wouldn’t call her back.


After this Miyamori is leaving for the day after delivering her report, ready to start her day off the next day. She ends up having a conversation with her mother on the phone about how hard she is working now especially that her name is appearing in the credits of a show. Afterwards she ends up calling Shizuka and apologized about the other day where she had to hang up the phone on her. They agree to talk about things when they meet tomorrow for their day off.

Now we are offered a bit of a flashback here as we get to see the show that the girls made back in high school. But we quickly are brought back to the present day with the girls meeting on their day off. They all go to the movies together and then out for what I guess is counting as brunch. Though they nitpick the movie worse the critics as they talk about the stuff that goes on behind like the voice actress projecting her voice, the CG effects used, and how many frames were in a scene.



Afterwards they go out shopping and end the day with drinks at Shizuka’s workplace. They all talk about their careers so far, such as what we have seen or heard of so far. Miyamori with her problems with episode four, Ema with complications drawing for work, Misa is working with CG for shows, Midori is at university to eventually write scripts, and Shizuka with her voice acting and audition. Where the girls then perk her up before Miyamori ends up getting a call.

The call is from Takanashi from her workplace who says he is in a pinch, but since it is her day off and she is hanging out with her friends she ends up hanging up on him. Which I am sure will end up coming to bite her in the ass later. Anyway she goes back in and they all start their second round of drinks where all the girls start talking about their future ambitions in their careers, oh and Shizuka can’t really hold her liqour…  We learn though also that while all the girls have plans this does not include Miyamori who is not sure where to go yet with her career.

So the next day Miyamori goes into work and everything seems to be crumbling down again. The director has barely nothing of the storyboard ready and whatever Takanashi ended up doing caused one of the key animators to drop as supervisor for episode seven. So yeah, looks like Miyamori is going to have another fun field day of assisting picking up the pieces of whatever happened. Still thoroughly enjoying this show giving us some insight on the behind the scenes drama of making an anime, and I can understand why now we always hear news about how stressful the jobs are.

You done gone and fucked up again didn't you Takanashi?

You done gone and fucked up again didn’t you Takanashi?


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