Akatsuki no Yona, Episode 5

So today I am doing an episode write-up over Akatsuki no Yona. This is one of the shows I deemed to be in the drop zone so far, but I probably won’t drop it. It is interesting enough to make me keep coming back even if only barely and my schedule isn’t in danger because of it or anything like that, heck I have actually been rewatching old shows because I have too much free time… anyway on with the show!

Let's hope this one won't end up painful...

Let’s hope this one won’t end up painful…

So the episode starts out with Hak acquiring a small sword and bow because he plans to make do with his plan of taking the blame for the Kings death and running off to protect Yona and his village. Of course I already know from this point that probably isn’t going to work on his end. We head off back to the palace where Heang-dea returns with the medicine for Tae-yeon. Yona is following the others out where she finds out the bunker is full of injured people who were attacked by the Fire Tribe (I seriously almost said nation here… damn your Avatar…). She is shocked that Su-won would allow them to do this to others and by the amount of damage that is being done just to put him on the throne.

It looks like now Yona found the backbone she needs to continue on as she thanks Tae-yeon for everything he has done so far and runs to find Hak. Hak is at the gate talking to who I believe is his younger brother? It is hard to tell since the entire tribe calls itself one giant family, anyway Hak does say he will be the next chief. Yona catches up to Hak and explains to him that she is leaving and that she sort of has the backbone now to leave. Hak tries of course to convince her to stay but she firmly puts her foot down on that matter.


As Hak and Yona leave they are apparently seen by a spy from the Fire Tribe and they send out soldiers to capture them. In the mountains where Moon-dok sent them to find a priest who apparently has predicted the future of the kingdom. After some more great lines from Hak teasing Yona they are “ambushed” by the Fire Tribe, of course I put ambushed in quotes there because Hak heard their footsteps before so it really wasn’t a surprise. Cue Hak being a bad ass and he starts tearing through their troops as they close in on them.

Though even through Hak being bad ass he knows he is outmatched, so they began to run as Gang and his troops give chase, at one point Yona trips and the archers aim for her, to which Hak takes the hit protecting her. Taking the arrow out and running off again they finally lose the Fire Tribe for a moment while hidden in the woods. While he fights off the troops to protect Yona, she overhears Gang and an archer talk about killing Hak with their poisoned arrows. Finding her determination she finally takes action herself.

There is our bad ass Princess.

There is our bad ass Princess.

Yona corners Gang about his role in pressuring the Wind Tribe as well as knowing that Su-won is the one who threw her out of the royal palace. He tries to say it is his father’s will that made him do the things he has done so far, which Yona doesn’t believe. The episode ends with Gang comparing what was once the weak-willed princess to a raging fire that is consuming her now.

So of course once again the show pulls off its slow part by piquing my interest by throwing Yona her backbone needed to turn her into the bad ass version we keep getting hints of. The only thing I fear for this show now is though… unless it is a 24 episode season… they are going to be throwing in a lot of characters in the late episodes with a very rushed ending because we have not met anyone else that is a part of the OP sequence yet and there are I think four or five others besides Hak and Yona.


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