Artwork Extravaganza #4

It’s Wednesday which means it is time for me to do another post of artwork, mostly from Pixiv again… OK so solely from Pixiv… it’s the only place I look for art at…

A feature of Pixiv is the access or ability perhaps to follow other users, this allows you to follow others posting the art so you can sit and wait like a good little puppy waiting for new work to show up. I have been on Pixiv for awhile so I have followed quite a few people with artwork that have caught my eye, not all are necessarily good to everyone else, but they all interested me in some way or another with something they had.

So today the focus you could say will be from people whom I am following.


Mass Effect has probably my favorite Sci-Fi story and characters in the gaming world to date. Garrus was probably my favorite male character to work with, other than maybe Grunt during Mass Effect 3’s Citadel missions. I know there are rumors of a future Mass Effect game and I hope they come to fruition. Perhaps with a more Dragon Age feel of being able to choose more than just a Human character.


I absolutely loved finding this artist because the color scheme and how the characters are drawn remind me of one of my recent favorite shows No Game No Life, in fact No Game No Life would probably make my Top Anime list if I increased it past 20, which I have been thinking of doing because why not?


Sinon is a character I can not hate. Some seem to dislike her around certain areas of the internet because she is stealing moments from Kirito and Asuna apparently. Even if this is true I say let her! Every interaction between Kirito and Sinon in my opinion prove Kirito and Asuna just don’t work together well as a pairing. Of course since it is Kirito just give him the whole damn harem already, let all the shippers be happy.


I kind of felt bad when I watched Tamako Love Story because even though I watched Tamako Market… I apparently didn’t retain an ounce of memory of it… because other than Tamako I could not for the life of me remember ANY of the other characters that kept popping up in the movie. So I probably will go and actually rewatch it eventually… so you know… I don’t feel as bad?


I love this particular artist. He has some epic pictures, as well as some down right hilarious pictures. I have been using them as my avatars in certain parts of the internet because they amuse me so much. He also seems to have a fascination with old men spitting out their false teeth and being insanely ripped beyond realistic proportions.


I believe this one came up in the final days of the Valhalla contest and I immediately liked and followed the user. Seriously some of those contests bring out some powerhouses in artistic works that make me wish I had even 1/100th of their skill.

And that is it for today, I have plenty more but no reason to show you all everything now right?

Also I dunno if one blog post could handle 3000+ images…


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I'm your average twenty-something that just happens to not have your average twenty-something life. I enjoy Anime and Manga. I also like to dabble in writing and Drawing. I also play more games than is necessarily healthy.
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