Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis, Episode 6

So looks like I am going to go back on my word of trying to do a different show every time I did an episode write up, as I am going to go back and do this one over Bahamut again. Which isn’t exactly a bad thing as it is in my top 5 this season so far, with it getting better and better each episode I doubt it will go down any either, but I have been surprised before… Anyway, on with the show!


This episode starts us out where we left off with the group now together again and flying off on the undead wyvern, but they are quickly rounded up by the Orleans Knights dragon riders as they catch up to them. The group, minus Amira who is still knocked out cold currently, has a chat while they are captured. Such as Rita trying to get Kaisar to kill Favaro since he keeps talking about it all the time.

Meanwhile in the demons capital Azazel tries to contact Lord Lucifer, who rejects him due to him being duped by humans. We return back to our group who is now in the royal capital facing judgement in front of the king. At that moment is when three of the gods choose to descend and show off that Amira is half god and half demon, which really I had already half guessed by this point by connecting the dots. The gods command the humans to guard Amira as well as the others.

We learn from the gods a little bit more of the story about how two keys (obviously one being the God Key Amira has) are needed to reawaken Bahamut and that is why Amira must be protected at all costs. Afterwards the group is freed, though Amira is being imprisoned under the guise of letting her heal and recuperate. Before that though Favaro lets loose saying he never planned to take Amira to Helheim, but instead only went on the adventure to get rid of his curse.

This is quickly followed by him being smacked across the walkway by Amira.

This is quickly followed by him being smacked across the walkway by Amira.

The town is attacked by a small host of demons, but are quickly wiped out by Jeanne who happens to be insanely overpowered with her spear and magic power. We take this moment now to head back up to the gods who honestly seem to be as conniving as the demons in trying to manipulate things, as they talk about not leaving the key with the humans. As well as using Amira to find out whom is pulling the strings behind Amira.

One thing I kind of dislike about this show is how it jumps around a lot. But it works I guess with this story… anyway we head back to Favaro and company as they are in the middle of a party at the castle and Favaro is of course flirting up a storm. Shortly after the party Favaro and Kaisar clash after exchanging words about how Kaisar is now confused about what he truly wants and believes in about his revenge. Though I hope this is actually setting them on course to become friends again, perhaps.

Rita breaks the fight up to tell them that Amira is no longer in her room as she was led away shortly before by a cloaked figure, who turns out to be the knight with a similar pendant as Amira. The one who is Jeanne’s like right hand man or something. We learn later that he was asked to hold onto the amulet by Amira’s mother. Anyway so the group splits up to go find her.


While looking for her Favaro comes across a plaza with a statue of sorts dedicated to Bahamut’s entrapment. He also runs into Jeanne and learns a bit more of Bahamut and more of the backstory to the show. Bahamut is a being neither god nor demon that is more powerful than both. Through the combined power of the Supreme God Zeus and Demon Lord Satan they turned themselves into keys and trapped Bahamut. The reason for the statue is not for Bahamut but rather for the Knight who stands atop him, said to be a holy knight who would stop Bahamut were he to rise again.

Favaro brushes the story off saying it has nothing to do with him, but Jeanne counters saying everyone was born with a purpose. She believes hers is to be the knight in the story against Bahamut, and she says Favaro’s was to meet Amira whom has one of the two keys. Shortly after another warning bell sounds off saying demons are coming again, this time led by Azazel. Overall another great episode with a lot more of the plot starting to connect together, assuming you didn’t already guess it beforehand.

Next episode appears like it will be action heavy is my guess.

Next episode appears like it will be action heavy is my guess.


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