A Rambling Post – Games and Manga

Today I offer you my second rambling post.

Why? Mostly I am tired and exhausted from trying to deal with World of War-crack-craft and it’s new expansion. You would think after 10 years I would be used to the fact that my particular server is one of the highest in population, and thus the first week or so is an insanity to deal with.

Another reason though is while you all know what I am currently watching, anime wise at least, you don’t know much else. Such as what games I play, other than WoW and other games I did reviews for, or what manga I read, other than Nisekoi because I brought that up a few times.

The final reason? I don’t wanna watch anime tonight, haven’t played enough of any other game to think about doing a review, and no idea how to go about doing a review/thought process over a manga series by itself right now.

So! Onward with the post without much of a purpose!


So starting out with games I play… well genre wise I guess I could say I play quite a few. It’d probably be easier to point out the ones I don’t really play too often, but even then it is as I say: too often. I try anything highly recommended to me, at least if the person recommending me does a good job of recommending it. You can’t just say “It’s great.” or “It’s a game changer.” I need to know WHY it is in order to think about playing it.

Anyways fantasy is usually always a surefire bet in me playing. I also enjoy the occasional sci-fi and mystery games. I am not too big on the whole horror genre, in any entertainment form actually… Also I never got the fascination of playing retro games… but that is just me I know, I blame it on me liking shiny things. I do like casual games and RPG’s, and easy strategy games can be fun… but the difficult ones make me pull out my hair. Shooters… I like to mess around with but never got serious in.

Another thing I look at when looking at games is usually the… publisher? I think this is the right word here. The company who you know makes it and puts it out. Like Blizzard, BioWare, Ubisoft (before their fiasco with AC:U at least…), and ones like that. There usually isn’t one I particularly avoid… I don’t pay close enough attention to that, but there are ones that I usually look forward too when their games come out. This also applies to game franchises, I will buy almost anything under certain titles such as Warcraft, Diablo, Farcry, Dragon Age, Assassins Creed (again… before the AC:U fiasco…), and probably a few more but I am drawing a blank right now.

This logo, along with any games it puts out, has officially entered my blacklist for the time being...

This logo, along with any games it puts out, has officially entered my blacklist for the time being…

So on Steam I currently have a small library, with only 55 games on it currently. Of those 55, since I recently factory reset my computer, I only actually have 11 of them installed. Add in my 3 games from Origin, 5 games from Blizzard, 2 games from UPlay, 3 other MMO’s and finally 12 Visual Novels you have my entire list of games on the computer! Knocking out the VNs and MMO’s the games I probably play the most currently are:

Diablo 3, Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, Dragon Age: Origin, Banished, Mass Effect 3, Sims 4, Skyrim, Civ 5, and… I think that is it actually.

Now that isn’t the only gaming I do, I did at one point have consoles… but they kinda got boring and had no games I wanted so I traded them in because I wanted the money. I also at that time decided to go mobile and went for a 3DS and Vita. Which I must say has been great for me because of the ability to play on the go, which helps with those boring wait times in between classes at college. Of course my game collection isn’t huge for the two systems because I have a play until I am done then trade it in policy.

Including even my Vita digital games my collection of 3DS and Vita games doesn’t even exceed 12 games currently, my favorites of which are:

Fire Emblem: Awakening, Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth, Rune Factory 4, Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus, and Atelier Totori.

As a final note I guess to the game section of this rambling post, I do plan to get a PS4 probably sometime late next year, and only if a few more games come out that I am interested in come out.

This message brought to you by Totori, whom is currently on sale... do I have 6,000 gold...

This message brought to you by Totori, whom is currently on sale… do I have 6,000 gold…


Is a horrible… horrible disease. It takes up too much space, costs too much money, and honestly… I couldn’t ask for anything better! Yes, yes… I know, digital manga is cheaper, it takes literally no space other than memory on a device, and it is convenient in many other ways. Well I say BAH TO YOU! I love having a book in my hand, always have, always will. This goes the same for manga, I will go out of my way to get and spend extra on a physical copy over a digital copy. I know I am weird, but hey it is my hobby so… eh?

I started collecting manga roughly half a year after I started watching anime so roughly a year and a half now I guess is how long I have been collecting manga. Yes that also means I have only really been watching anime for 2 years! Anyway… in that time I have collected 188 volumes. This does include though 3 LN’s. Also the 2 or 3 in 1’s were counted as 2 or 3 rather than 1, and one series though it’s volumes are significantly larger than even the 2 or 3 in ones is counted only as 1, but I still count it as 1 because it says it is 1, now that I type that out it is kinda redundant to even say huh? Oh well.

Of those 188 volumes, there are 32 series. All of which I have thoroughly enjoyed so far in my reading. Sure some have moments where they shine brighter than others, but that holds true to almost anything really. Anyway 32 series is a bit much I think to just throw down here in the post so I will narrow it down to just 10 ongoing series for now to give you all an idea of what I am currently reading.

Barakamon, Fairy Tail, Food Wars, Haganai, Is This a Zombie?!, Kimi ni Todoke, Magi, Nisekoi, Say “I Love You”, and Vinland Saga.

Vinland Saga. I need to get back to reading that...

Vinland Saga. I need to get back to reading that…

These are not the only ongoing ones I have, in fact I think all but 6 of my 32 are ongoing series. The worst part about collecting manga, other than having no space and barely any money… is the time the volumes come out. For example if you are following say Food Wars, and volume 3 comes out on December 2nd, you won’t see volume 4 until March or April. Now 3 months or more isn’t insane to think about for books coming out, but the problem is we in the states are usually so far behind the Japanese version. Again going with Food Wars, only volume 2 is out right now, so going by Weekly Shonen Jump that means the English release is 80 chapters behind. Which I think comes out to around 8 or 9 volumes behind the Japanese version.

That is just manga as well, LN’s are even worse. If the LN even ever GETS a release in the states, it is tremendously behind usually. The only great thing is from my research I found out manga, LN’s, and even VN’s are picking up pace here in the states. A few years ago LN’s came out once every few years if that, manga series were few and far between and came out at even a slower pace than the 3-4 months per volume we see now (I believe I read it was 6-7 months for some series). Now we are at a point where manga are coming out ever 2-4 months, LNs are starting up and are looking at 3-4 months per volumes.

VN’s are generally still on a horrible delay of 5-6+ year old VN’s being translated over, but given the overwhelming support Kickstarter has had on a certain Clannad project, and the projected support it has for Fruit of Grisaia, I can only hope this means more VN’s can make it over to the states legally, and perhaps even newer VN’s rather than ones that are 10 years old. Grisaia if it gets its Kickstarter and is funded, it will be the newest VN I believe to make it to the states that I have seen at least as it would be only 3-4 years old.

For those not looking at the Clannad kickstarter, this 10 year old VN made it's funded goal within one day, and has I believe 2 months left.

For those not looking at the Clannad kickstarter, this 10 year old VN made it’s funded goal within one day, and has I believe 2 months left.

This is why I call these posts rambling. I start talking about manga and end on visual novels, which are more a game than they are a manga… oh well. It is time for me to end this post. I hope for those of you who actually end up reading this that I didn’t bore you too bad. Also I hope you know a little bit more about me this way, as always thanks for supporting me!


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I'm your average twenty-something that just happens to not have your average twenty-something life. I enjoy Anime and Manga. I also like to dabble in writing and Drawing. I also play more games than is necessarily healthy.
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