The Last Few Days…

So just as predicted I got completely absorbed into WoW’s expansion and thus put the blog aside for a few days. Now because of the queue times I didn’t completely forget about my anime, but a lot of it was watching older stuff or rewatching of some shows, and as such all I have watched of  this season over the last 3 days is only three of the shows. None of which I really want to go into big enough detail of just an episode write up. So I am going to give my thoughts on those three, as well as some of my thoughts on the Warlords of Draenor expansion to WoW at the end.


Gugure! Kokkuri-san: This one probably took my favorite of the three this weekend. The comedy was golden, we get another whacky spirit/god/thing and to top it all off we get to see what Kokkuri-san would look like as a female, complete and total win!

Log Horizon 2: Log Horizon continues on it’s trek of pleasing me. An Akatsuki focused arc with more of it’s politics and even amping up the fights. It’s sad to know really that Akatsuki probably won’t have a major role after this arc and return to the shadowing characters or not even being there position that she had before.

Sora no Method: Seriously… why am I still watching this? Am I hoping it will get better? I really have no idea… but at this point it might just be one of those I am watching it to finish it sort of things. My brain just turns off while it is on and half the time I am playing on my phone or something while it is on.

Next on the list to watch, either later tonight or tomorrow, will be Sword Art Online, Vanadis, and Grisaia. I sadly have to already catch up, again, Akame ga Kill, Donten ni Warau, and Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji. The latter of which I may drop because I got bored and read the manga, and it seemed better.

Of course that is assuming I don’t get back into WoW or keep watching Idolm@ster during my breaks instead.

I am far too easily distracted...

I am far too easily distracted…

So the last part of the post is obviously what I spent my entire weekend doing more or less. Playing World of Warcraft, of course… I should actually say for most of it I was actually sitting in a queue for 4-5 hours to get on my server… usually playing my vita or watching idolmaster/other shows not pertaining to this season during that time, and THEN playing WoW. But despite the rocky start the game had with the queues, ddos attacks, and other crazy nonsense. It really has been a pretty stellar expansion really.

The story I thought was probably the best Blizzard has put out. It was amazing and engaging, there was honestly some parts where I just went: “Holy shit, did that just happen?” or got a good laugh because of how the characters interacted with one another in dialogue.

Leveling… well I guess it went by fairly fast because even with the rocky start the game had I have already made 100, and I am a slow leveler. But it flowed, it wasn’t like it was slow anywhere. I didn’t suddenly jump in levels than flatlined for awhile, it was just a steady pace from beginning to end. Overall it was probably my favorite leveling experience thus far looking back over my 10+ years on WoW. That could change though as I start working other toons into the madness.

*Insert stock photo here to break up the text*

*Insert stock photo here to break up the text*

There are so many other things great in this expansion. Garrisons are absolutely amazing and I think them alone will make me enjoy the experience of leveling my alts up. Quest rewards having a chance to upgrade from green to blue or blue to purple means you can get nice gear while leveling. The fact that there is no currency system for dungeons and raids means more gold now, so I feel less poor personally, and I haven’t even done much at max yet. Obviously the model changes make everything look shiny, especially the ingame cinematics which Blizzard has always delivered on in their games.

I could probably drone on and on and on about it but that would get boring fast honestly. There are a few things that have bugged me, a few things I didn’t like, but compared to what I enjoyed they were few and far between and mostly things personal or on my end rather than with the game itself. But let me just put it as it is possible this game will eat up a lot more of my time for the forseeable future…

Of course besides WoW eating up my time, in two days Dragon Age: Inquisition comes out and knowing my game style of play in the mornings, say I will play for only a couple of hours, and then when I look up it’s dinner time… I imagine that between DA:I and WoW I may just get to the point of forgetting to eat… again… So if posts becomes super sporadic, you all know why. If they stop… I probably died somewhere along the way.


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