Another Few Days…

Why am I so predictable?! I have done nothing but play WoW and Dragon Age: Inquisition for the last 48 hours or so at least. I didn’t even take much breaks other than for food or the very few shows I actually watched… I am behind on pretty much everything else I need to do it is getting bad. I am so glad I don’t work or have school, because I would probably be fired/failing very badly right now if I did. But hey who can blame me? DA:I is a massive game with A LOT of content in it. I mean my game has 30 hours on it and I feel like I am nowhere near done still.

Anyway, normally Wednesday is an art post day, but I am far from prepared to do a full post of just artwork. So as you may have seen I called this post a rambling. Why? That is because I plan to have a bit of everything in this post. Some art, some DA: I talk, maybe some more WoW talk, anime talk of what I have actually watched, what I need to watch, and how long it will probably be until I actually watch…

Don't worry, I am fine, probably just going a little crazy at this point.

Don’t worry, I am fine, probably just going a little crazy at this point.

So to start off with I will go over the few shows I actually watched… well is just that. A few. Actually maybe the correct term for this would be I watched a couple, attempted to watch a couple more, and then went back to gaming. Because all I ended up watching was SAO:II and InoBato to completion, started watching Wolf Girl and promptly gave up, probably because I read the manga the anime isn’t doing it for me now? Dunno… I did watch Bahamut, though that was a waste of time really, and attempted to catch up AgK but I dunno if I was too distracted or what but I just couldn’t keep up for some reason. So I will have to go back to that one again.

So for Sword Art Online: II just roughly summarizing here because I watched this Monday before the DA madness so my memory is a little fuzzy on it already… Honestly no idea where the arc is going right now, but I am interested in it. The Asuna and her mother drama that unfolded was realistic and pretty well done. Fight during the second half was good as well and shows Asuna is a badass, even if she is like mid-tier girl for me.

Inou Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de: Wow. This episode. I mean… wow… first of all if I haven’t already mentioned it, this show is probably in my top 5 of this season. Yeah the comedy is sometimes hit or miss, but those character interactions are so amazing I can’t help but love it. This episode really delivered with Hatoko snapping and dumping everything out on Andou. It ended all kinda meh or even wtf-ish… but I think it will be fine for the next episode to play off of.

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis – RECAP EPISODE DAFUQ?!

So yeah… Wolf Girl and the Black Prince it’s not bad, and I don’t wanna say I dropped it exactly… just… ever since I read the manga it feels kinda… meh I guess. I’ll push my way through it eventually, just not sure when.

That is about it for anime… I have to get around to watching everything else still. Maybe actually trying to force myself to take a break from gaming ALL day long to watch some shows. But knowing my gaming style… that won’t be for awhile…

Does anyone Hatoko?

Does anyone Hatoko?

So now for the probable long post here… actually scratch that. I will make it short, OK that is a lie we all know it is. Anyway onto the games.

First Dragon Age: Inquisition: This game is absolutely massive. Anyone who has played games recently know that for the most part they can be beaten within a day or two of being bought. This is even for bad or slow gamers like myself. Also this seems to include a lot of the RPG games that have come out being done in a matter of hours of play time. Dragon Age though seems to throw out this massive game though, I am 30 hours into my game and honestly feel like I am nowhere near any sort of completion point.

I am not sure how much content this game has, but judging from what I have seen thus far. I would not be surprised if one game playthrough not even doing everything could easily be in the 60-80 hour range, with going for everything and future DLC adding another 20-40 onto that. Judging by that if I don’t slow down any… I probably won’t be done until sometime this weekend at the earliest. After that I want to play another character too! Good lord this is insane!

But really I love it. The graphics are amazing, the story is stellar, as with pretty much all BioWare/Dragon Age games the characters are top notch especially when interacting with each other, and I have honestly had very few problems so far with the game. The few problems I have had are on my end of things such as personal tastes of a character or how something looks blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda. Though I did have a problem with the game crashing after like 10 hours of playing. But I turned something off and did some fiddling around with some other things and I have been fine since.

I would absolutely recommend this game for anyone who likes RPGs or previous Dragon Age titles. Not even completed and will give it a 9/10 so far.

Nothing to do with Dragon Age, just did promise artwork. Also my character kind of looks like this in the game.

Nothing to do with Dragon Age, just did promise artwork. Also my character kind of looks like this in the game.

So World of Warcraft…

I have been playing it still in my very few and very short times off of Dragon Age. But… I have already kind of hit that wall most people hit in WoW after awhile. I am at max level with my main and I want to do Garrison things more than dungeons or pvp. But there really isn’t much I can do in my garrison because I have no bloody resources to use in it. So I am kind of forced to do dungeons or pvp right now because I can’t think of anything else to do. Though I am prepping myself to send out my second 90 into the fold of leveling to 100.

That is about it for WoW really… I need to figure out how to get more resources, I need to level alts, and I need to gear my main. About it really.

Huh that wasn’t so bad. I fangirled a whole lot less than I anticipated on Dragon Age. Good thing too I don’t need to scare readers off.

I am gonna drop just a couple more pieces of artwork down here to finish up the post, but other than that… that is about it for today. So thanks for reading and enjoy the pictures if you are interested. Sorry not gonna explain the pictures any tonight. Don’t really feel up for it, though if you have questions over any I am glad to answer.





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