Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai, Episode 7

So as I slowly work through my backlog of stuff I have missed due to being completely distracted by my gaming session, I decided I would do an episode write up today about a show I haven’t really given much attention yet on my blog. Which would be Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai, or also known as A Good Librarian, Like a Good Shepherd. I have given my thoughts on the show before which pretty much can be summed up as not good, but not bad either. On with the show!


The episode starts out with the club, minus Kakei, sitting around the table and they all seem to be talking about him. Mostly about what type of girls he likes and who he is and isn’t dating. Kakei ends up showing up asking what they are talking about where Shirasaki freaks out (maybe?) and asks Kakei out on a date, for all of the girls. Oh the shenanigans this can cause! So as the intro plays here I really gotta say I do like the character designs in this show, also the cat is a boss and probably the best character in the show.

After the intro we get the doorbell going off like crazy, similar to how Kodachi rings the doorbell. So of course Kakei answers saying “You are too noisy, Kodachi” when in fact it is the four girls, who are clearly now pissed, from the club. The girls more or less invade his place. Of course more great shenanigans happen as Sakuraba has a misplaced line of possibly living with Kakei and then of course Kodachi comes into his apartment, which brings great lines from all the girls.


Kodachi of course joins the group as they go out shopping together, which I know will cause more fun. The group decides to have fun at Sakuraba’s expense and have a makeover for her. Kodachi of course is trying to push Kakei onto one of the girls so he can’t be a Shepherd. Sakuraba after trying on a one piece gets a compliment from Kakei which she desperately wanted and runs off blushing. She of course bought it as well.

They go to many different stores together and Sakuraba, who seems to be getting the most focus this episode for now, shows that she planned out the entire date to a T and Kodachi points out that she put a lot of work into it, including the end where they watch a sunset on a hill that is known for where people confess to their love interest. Do we already know the ending?! Probably, we shall see. They have another moment together where even the other girls pinning for Kakei notice that he looks good with Sakuraba.


They then go to an arcade where Kodachi and Misono have a contest on one of those dance games and they were both doing good until Misono trips. Misono then gets Kakei, after he checks her foot, into one of those picture booths. After their picture is taken the other three girls comment about them similar to how they just talked about Sakuraba. OK so maybe Sakuraba wasn’t the focus and we will go through each of the girls this way.

Next is apparently going to be Suzuki as they go to a bookstore and Kakei comments on how she likes eccentric things, meanwhile he himself even after saying he was tight on money goes and buys like eight books. So they start having a conversation about books and of course the others comment about them. Kakei then comments on the bet Suzuki made on the Library Club, which she is surprised he remembers and so am I because I don’t remember one!


After they leave the bookstore Kodachi says the date is over and that Kakei must do Shepherd work now. The work involves Shirasaki and something that is about to happen with some potential artist or something. The artist though goes crazy over Shirasaki in this potential future and makes a… ahem… love doll… modeled after her. Kodachi doesn’t know what that is so when Kakei explains it she gets highly embarrassed. As the guy starts walking to Shirasaki, Kodachi leaves fixing the event to Kakei and whispers what he should do in his ear. I think I already know where this is going to go…

Sure enough! It’s there! Kakei walks up to Shirasaki acting as her boyfriend hugging her and calling her honey. The other three girls freak out and even Sakuraba spits out her drink. Meanwhile Shirasaki is freaking out like crazy and the artist walks off. But now the girls want answers, well except for maybe Shirasaki who is now currently in her own little world of happiness and bliss.


Kodachi tells them she planned it out to help Kakei, but only because it seemed they were all hiding something from him. Too which they obviously all react towards. Everyone but Shirasaki is able to keep a level head about being called out for keeping something from Kakei. Shirasaki though is completely transparent in trying to lie… too which has some great lines itself. The girls tell him why they did what they did and… well I am sure there are some hidden motives behind them all because I am sure they all like him… but they also got a random anonymous message asking what type of girl Kakei likes, so they were trying to figure it out from the four of them.

After a funny moment with Ikkei and Giza we get another moment where Kakei has memories that the others have apparently forgotten that we have had a few times before in the series. He asks Kodachi about it and apparently Shepherds give up their humanity more or less and are completely forgotten about by others. So the more work Kakei does as a Shepherd the more memories involving him the group will forget. We also learn some more about Shepherds as well as Kodachi stomping out some possible dreams of Kakei’s by being friends with his club and being a Shepherd.


Kodachi gives Kakei the true question that matters though. Is he willing to become a Shepherd and lose all his connections to his friends now? We get a small piece of what it would be like if they didn’t know each other and Kakei wonders when the thought entered his mind that he didn’t want to give them up. He asks if she is alright with losing everything to become a Shepherd which she replies she was ready to give up everything to guide the world to a better place.

She obviously doesn’t as she turns around crying and ends up kissing Kakei. She says she has given up everything and that he will never remember that kiss but you know what? I don’t think it will be as simple as that in the end. I guess we will see where it all goes from here. I gotta say even though this is one of those neither good nor bad shows… I really do like it for some reason. Also the fact that it can do side stuff along with focusing on the main overhanging plot and not really get lost doing it is kind of nice.


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