Dragon Age: Inquisition Review

So the good news is, I finally beat Dragon Age: Inquisition. Which means it should distract me less now so I can actually put some focus in other things.

The bad news is, I already started my second character and have other games I want to play, so my good news is more or less a lie now.

The worse news is I got sick Friday night-Saturday morning, and have felt like hell all weekend, and still do in fact. I spent most of my weekend time with which I was hoping to power through anime I am behind on by sleeping.

So as I have not watched any shows we are getting a post on the only possible thing I can do, which is a game review that will probably be horrid because all I can think of right now is my pillows.


So the way I am going to do this review will be slightly different when compared to my other reviews I guess. For this one I am going to focus on different points and talk about what I liked and/or disliked about it all. There won’t be much in the way of story spoilers here though there may be some. So if you don’t want those spoiled, either skip this review or only look at the points you want to see.

As for what I will go over:

  • Graphics
  • Story/Progression
  • Side Quests/Activities
  • Combat
  • Characters
  • Bugs/Issues
  • Overall Thoughts/Whatever Else

All of this will be for the PC version of Dragon Age: Inquisition. That said, other than maybe Graphics and Bugs/Issues most will probably carry over to any platform. So let’s get this started shall we?


I have to admit, the graphics in this game are absolutely beautiful. I am currently in love with most of the big games coming out lately with the new gen because the graphics are becoming absolutely stunning all over the place. Given I am on PC everything graphics wise is based on my computer specs. I believe when I looked it up my PC just passed minimum requirements in a few spots and passes recommended in a few others. So obviously I wasn’t able to see things at the best possible they could be at, but it was still fairly damn good in the end.

That of course doesn’t mean I didn’t have my fair share of things I did not like graphically. For example I felt like the armor, even the “unique” ones, didn’t have enough variety. I sometimes felt like I was wearing the same armor and using the same weapons for most of the game, even though they were different they just had the same looks with maybe a color tweak here or there. I felt like there were few truly unique looking weapons or armor, something that made you actually stand out.

I had other issues, but I will explain those later, as I felt they were bugs more than some graphical thing. Though I could be wrong on that.

This may not look the best, but to me it looks amazing still. Looks better in cutscenes as well.

This may not look the best, but to me it looks amazing still. Looks better in cutscenes as well.


One problem with a linear story I am noticing at least with my second character is… there is little change in the end. Even with a game like Dragon Age where your every choice has an impact. Whether you play a Qunari Mage who is brash and rude to mostly everyone or if you play a Human Rogue who is kind to everyone and religious like no other, you may choose different things, you may get different replies to said things, but in the end, you usually get the same result. But for a person like me… I like seeing the different things, no matter how small they end up being.

My character was the Human Rogue, his back story is he is a noble, so I played off that and made him nice and kind to everyone. He would only kill, or be rude, or whatever else to anyone in dialogue when it was absolutely necessary. He also was highly religious playing off the whole Herald of Andraste thing that the game uses on you. In simple terms I like to roleplay in the game, and changing how you act to others makes for practically a whole new game if you are in it for the dialogue, which for Dragon Age is like half the game.

The story progress was… well it was fairly smooth actually but there were points where it seemed like all I was doing was side mission stuff to level up or gather power so I could progress in the main quest. Pretty much the game was built so you had to do quite a bit, but not all, of the side stuff in order for your character to be powerful enough to do the main campaign. Doing the side stuff also unlocked Inquisition Perks that then gave you bonuses, like more experience per kill or codex entry, more map points to show things you need in the area, discounts in stores, and things like that.

As for the story itself. It was pretty good, I wish there was more too it, perhaps even flesh out some points some more because there were a few instances I remember where it was something close to “I was just running around some Elven ruins and now i’m in the middle of a bloody war.” during the campaign. But Dragon Age has always done great DLC so I am looking forward towards that, though I do wish this game was open to modding like Skyrim… OH the things people could come up with.

The quest map in the war room that you spend quite a bit of your time looking at.

The quest map in the war room that you spend quite a bit of your time looking at.

Side Quests/Activities:

Dragon Age: Inquisition, much like it’s predecessors, and almost every other RPG game out there, has a lot of side missions and activities to do. The difference is though in a lot of other games… the side stuff is literally there just as a side thing, usually for an achievement or something like that. While DA:I has these as well with things like the shard fragments and celestial caves it also almost forces you to do the side missions. Whether it be to gain experience so you can defeat the campaign, or to gain power to unlock a mission in the war room, or even just so you can get influence to gain inquisition perks it is all there and for the most part they need to be done.

Some of the side activities are like puzzles, which I personally hate as I am bad at them, but they do reward generously for those who complete all of them in one area. Others are simple hunt and gather for other rewards. There is plenty to do the only problem is once you hit the end… that is it unless you start a new character or wait for DLC. It is the only perk of something like and MMO. Once you hit the end, there is still more to do.

As you can see, I have quite a few areas to quest in still.

As you can see, I have quite a few areas to quest in still.


Combat was probably the thing I heard about the most before Dragon Age: Inquisition came out. Most people hated what Dragon Age 2 offered and wanted to go back to Dragon Age: Origins. Me personally could care less, why you may ask, and that is because I simply couldn’t remember DA2 or DAO and how their combats were different and how they were good or bad over one another.

Anyway the combat seems fairly great. Mages have a plethora of options in Spirit, Frost, Fire, or Lightning attacks (they don’t seem to have a healer in this game though), Rogues have the option of dual blades or ranged, both of which I feel got a huge jump up in being great from what they were in the other games, dual blades for sure could tear through certain foes, and ranged especially against panicked or asleep foes could absolutely murder them. Warriors I have not played yet but seeing from my companions two handed warriors are sort of squishy but can tear through quite a few things, especially armored foes, meanwhile sword and shield warriors when worked right can be amazing tanks.

Some things that stood out for me were the barriers and guard. I don’t remember if they are new or not but what they essentially are is an extra bar of health. Warriors can apply guard to themselves via various abilities and forgoing something that hits the warrior like a truck on steroids the warrior will rarely if ever lose health. Barrier works the same but instead starts from full and diminishes slowly over time.


A huge part of Dragon Age is the characters. This goes for all their games. So it helps if the characters you interact with are characters you personally like, or if you hate them I suppose you can just ignore them as long as you want and can.

Dragon Age: Inquisition gives us new faces as well as some familiar (though changed with the new awesome DAI graphics). In your party of companions you can work with are:

  • Cassandra: A brash mage-hating Seeker who also happens to be very loosely related to some royalty. Though brash she actually kind of grows on you.
  • Varric: Our inquisitive storyteller and businessman from Dragon Age 2 who still has great humor, despite the world being completely insane.
  • Solas: An apostate mage working with Cassandra to stop the breach. Turns out he also has a few other hidden things about him revealed later in the game.
  • Sera: For me… a completely annoying and idiotic elf who I am surprised knows how to even use her bow. Given… I also never gave her a chance after hearing her.
  • Vivienne: One of the few mages who can currently claim not to be a part of the whole mage – templar war who is from Orlais.
  • Iron Bull: Leader of the Bull’s Chargers a merc group. Also a spy for the Qunari, though he doesn’t think much of that whole part of his life too often.
  • Blackwall: A Grey Warden with a few secret in his past, though possibly one of the better tanks in the game.
  • Dorian: Another mage but this time from the Tevinter Imperium, completely whimsical and thinks he is more fascinating than everyone else.
  • Cole: A spirit who has the form of a human whom many do not trust due to his abilities of being able to disappear and be forgotten, and that there is a fine line between spirit and demon.

As well as the companions who join you out on mission there are plenty of other characters who are regular who you see quite often in the game, such as Leliana, Cullen, your ambassador Josephine, and Morrigan whom all act as advisers for you through the game.

Another part of the characters obviously is your own character. Which has plenty of customization features with 4 races, each with 2 genders, all but the dwarf getting 5 classes (dwarf just misses out on mage), and many other features most of which are the usual features to see in a fantasy rpg.



Surprisingly for what seems to be the norm with game companies putting out completely broken and buggy games recently (Ubisoft…) Dragon Age: Inquisition for the most part seems to have missed out thankfully. But sadly there were still issues… I heard on the PS4 and Old Gen there were quite a few issues that needed to be looked at, but nothing necessarily game breaking. Meanwhile the PC version was getting a DirectX/Video Driver crash during cutscenes, which this game is roughly half cutscenes I would say, so that caused quite a few problems though I got lucky and missed out on it for the MOST part, I still got it but some people were not able to play at all because of it.

An issue I had that I considered a bug was quite often my loot and other things in the world like herbs and ore would appear under the terrain, it wasn’t impossible to click if I highlighted over it, but it was easy to miss because well I couldn’t see it. Other than these two issues though… the game ran perfectly for me, I had no stuttering, no freezes, no graphical errors aside from the loot thing, and only crashed maybe a dozen or so times in the week or so of playing the game.

Overall Thoughts:

Overall I would give this game a 9/10. If you love Dragon Age or BioWare games I say come and get it and play it. I can’t speak for the other consoles on how playable they are, but if you have a PC that can run the game, I would definitely recommend it. Also I have heard no problems from the XBONE crowd as far as I have seen at least so it seems that they are a safe bet if you have that console.


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  1. Tuskoff says:

    Great review. I like how you waited until you actually finished the single player instead of rushing it out, like most people did.

    The only bugs I have faced so far, have been a sword that crashed my game on equip in multiplayer. Besides that though everything has been running smoothly & it’s a badass game!

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