A World of Warcraft Experience

A few days ago I was asked by a friend what all I play and have played on World of Warcraft over the years. The answer simply being yes. Over the years I have played everything to max level (during the time I played them at least) at one time or another. Sure my playing has slowed down quite a bit since then, and now I only have a handful of characters I actively play, but I got to thinking… how often am I honestly asked that question and how often has that question been asked to me in my time on WoW.

So I thought hey why not here on my blog dedicate a post to the characters I play on WoW. It lets me put in one place the characters I play without me having to type it all out over and over again, as well let’s me continue on my trek of catching up on all the anime I am behind on currently.


First off since it is Wednesday we can also consider this an artwork extravaganza post! Just it is all going to be screenshots and will be from my WoW stuff rather than actual awesome looking fanart stuff. Also all the screenshots will be from… well roughly 10-15 mins ago, so it is all current stuff. Some of these guys are still 90 and haven’t been played in quite awhile, others are 91 and still gearing up, one is 100 and probably doesn’t look much better than the guys leveling up! Anyway let’s actually start this off shall we?

Sleep little panda bear...

Sleep little panda bear…

Starting off I will start with my level 100 Pandaren Monk, Ainari. Probably one of the few things I enjoyed fully through the last expansion was playing and leveling this guy up. I thoroughly enjoyed everything about the monk, including all three of their specializations. Currently he is a Brewmaster/Windwalker or for people who don’t know these the Tank/DPS specs. He is still probably my favorite even though I am now working on my others toons to 100, but at the same time it feels like things are lacking on the monk that makes some things difficult, at least for me.

Don't worry boys... it's a trap!

Don’t worry boys… it’s a trap!

Next is my current second highest character at 93, my Night Elf Druid, Valunera. Comparing my monk to my druid whom both use agility leather gear and roughly the same attack system… is still like comparing night and day. Though I love my monk he seemed to struggle at times while leveling, certain aspects out there just were not friendly to him. My druid though through her self healing abilities, stealth, and bleed effects tear through most of everything she can lay her hands (or in this case paws) on. Currently being played as a Feral/Guardian or the DPS/Tank, though I have been thinking of trying out Balance the other DPS spec.

You know I am good looking.

You know I am good looking.

Following after those two the rest of my guys are still 90 or 91 as I have not really put any time into them at all yet. Leading the pack off is actually my oldest character. Matlias my Human Rogue has been around since day one of WoW when I got the game on release date right after playing in the beta with my dads account. Unfortunately for him though I ran out of love really for him about two expansions ago when he ended up being my 3rd or 4th character to level up in Cataclysm and my last in Pandaria. I don’t think he has been any spec other than Assassination since I made him… though it has been 10 years so hell if I honestly remember.

This picture with a disturbing lack of demons present.

This picture with a disturbing lack of demons present.

One of my two “Cata Babies” my Human Warlock, Cixim. Named after my Wizard from Everquest 2, my Warlock became my main during Cataclysm on the Alliance side and god quite a bit of my playtime during the expansion. Unlike my Rogue I still love my Warlock, he has just been pushed down the pecking order of who I want to play now versus later. Spends most of his time as Demonology, until he really wants to set things on fire… then he goes Destruction.

Burn baby, burn.

Burn baby, burn.

I believe this character, my Dwarf Warrior, Murgren is actually my second oldest character… but I could be wrong as I have done so many server transfers, deleting of old characters, and race changes over the years it is hard to keep track of everything without going and looking it all up, which then just reminds me I have no control over my own finances. Anyway assuming he is my second oldest character, Murgren took the lead during Wrath of the Lich King expansion using what he still currently is as an Arms/Protection spec.

I miss long lasting totems...

I miss long lasting totems…

My other “Cata Baby” character was once a Troll Shaman, but after his guild dissolved and my Alliance guild was picking up speed, I decided to change him over to being a Draenei Shaman. Karenthez was my other main during Cataclysm and took on an alt/back burner roll during Pandaria. Despite that he ended up being my second best geared character through most of the expansion. Currently waiting his turn to play on Draenor with his Elemental/Restoration specs.

I'm not shy... I swear...

I’m not shy… I swear…

My last surviving high level Horde character is my Blood Elf Paladin, Pathorean. He is actually possibly my newest character since I used the free 90 boost from buying Warlords on him. As such I barely know how to play the idiot and he probably will get little to no playtime out of me until he is probably my last guy to actually level. That includes even waiting on my low level characters to level up and pass him before he gets played. Yeah that is how much I didn’t really end up caring for the Paladin…

I have other characters, mostly new ones that I have leveled up to a certain point then just kind of forgot about. Like my 20 something Dwarf Hunter, my 40 something Undead Mage, and 60 something Orc Death Knight. Not that I hate any of them, just I am more focused on my 90+ guys right now that they are just stewing there doing nothing, also I am not a big fan of leveling 90+ levels on them to get to max right now even if the experience isn’t all that bad while doing it.

There are also other characters from days long past on other servers when my server or guild died at some particular time. I have done server transfers before, but only on characters I knew I was going to keep playing. Thus why I have 60-85 level characters spread out across like 6 different servers right now.

And… that is it!

Those are my World of Warcraft characters in all their horribly ugly glory. Hopefully within a day or two I will get myself situated and back on track with my anime and will eventually get back to writing over that. I am just having a big problem with keeping myself distracted playing WoW, DAI, a few vita and 3DS games, and finally just having no real big desire to watch anime right now.


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