Chaika – The Coffin Princess – Avenging Battle, Episode 8

Originally I didn’t plan to do any posts until I caught up with my anime first. But looking at how far behind I am with nearly 12 hours of anime to watch still I decided to go against that, because with how much I am still gaming 12 hours will take me a few days to watch, and new episodes are still coming out during that time. Hopefully I can power through a good chunk of it this weekend if I can put my mind to it at least.

Anyway today I will be going over the most recent Chaika episode. Enjoy!


The episode starts out at the start of the third round of the tournament where the groups are to fight their way across bridges to get to the next area. After a few short fights our groups make it across with Vivi and Nikolai being tossed into a dark corridor like the Red Chaika in the previous episode, meanwhile Fredrica and Akari sneak into a side area bent on heading to the top of the castle where the remains may be.

Toru and Chaika gather their armbands needed and are also thrown into corridor like the others before. Chaika and Toru talk about Niva and her purpose as Gaz’s Fortune, which Toru predicts is to bring war back to the world. Chaika asks if that is what he wants but he averts the question by asking if she is fine with the fact she could be used to start a war.


In the dungeons the members of Kliemann’s Organization that were detained are rescued by one of their other members, and they also free Hartgen’s previous retainer. Whom reveals that Hartgen is intending to start another war and become the second Emperor Gaz, saying that when one of the other Chaika’s arrived at the castle he had changed completely. In a short flashback the Chaika offers the beginnings of a plan that will elevate the world to war.

I gotta say though this show can be confusing… as we are up to five Chaika’s now… more if you include the possible ones and at least one I can recall right now that died? Anyway after a short exchange with the black Chaika and Hartgen we are sent over to Fredrica and Akari who come across a room of coffins that all looks like our Chaika’s coffin. And… just when I thought there wasn’t already enough damn Chaika’s…. WE GET A ROOM FULL OF THEM!!


Akari and Fredrica fight the Chaika’s but learn they are just puppets and are not alive. Which of course makes me wonder… are any of the Chaika’s? I can’t recall if any of the ones we have met or dealt with have bled or been in any real life threatening situations about to die…

Going back to our Chaika they enter the large Colosseum where the black Chaika was waiting. They are quickly surrounded by guards and we quickly go to Vivi, whom I am not sure has been classified as a Chaika yet… she is wearing purple so maybe that? Vivi and Nikolai are met by Gillette, whom they both thought was dead, but before they can talk they are taken away to the Colosseum as well.


Where as our Chaika is up in the seating area I suppose, Vivi and Nikolai were taken to the arena floor and their opponent is Gillette who attacks immediately. Nikolai defends against his attacks but Vivi is more or less in shock and is quickly kicked around by Gillette. Nikolai tries to help but Gillette is clearly the better fighter here and quickly knocks him down and is about to go for the coup de grace when Vivi starts using ye olde cliche line of “Remember us ‘insert name’!”

Surprisingly when he continues his downward swing Vivi runs over with Nikolai’s sword and… well even more surprisingly chops off Gillette’s hand. Of course the shock seems to work on him because he now remembers her and is taken off the field by guards, about to be killed by them Vivi and Nikolai save him and plan on leaving. A part of me thinks this is actually all a trick on Gillette’s part… but I guess we shall see.


Elsewhere Akari and Fredrica run into Shin, whom quickly incapacitates Fredrica and as Akari charges… we are brought back to Chaika and Toru. Who are now being pushed onto the arena floor with their opponents being the red Chaika. Not willing to team up red Chaika charges in with David and attacks Toru. The fight is fairly even at first but with Chaika’s training to cast faster and Toru’s general being an OP type of guy they quickly get red Chaika to submit.

As red Chaika leaves Shin escorts his troops in who carry Akari and Fredrica in unconscious. Toru attacks Shin but while he is on the offensive Chaika is captured by guards where with the distraction Shin kicks him around easily. The episode ends with Chaika escorted away by Shin while Toru can do nothing but look on. I am predicting some showdown between Shin and Toru later where this time Toru somehow wins. Overall though was a good episode, though it did jump around quite a bit…


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