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Artwork Extravaganza #10

I completely forgot it was Wednesday, which means I almost completely forgot to do my weekly Artwork post. That would have been awful!

Yeah I am sure most don’t care.

But I do!!

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2014 in Review

So since WordPress did this nifty little review I decided I would go ahead and post it. It is interesting to see that in just 3 months what my blog has done and how many have seen it because honestly it is a lot more than I thought I would have done. I did not expect to last 1 month much less three, I never expected to be in the thousands of visitors, and I most definitely did not expect people to actually comment on anything.

Thank you everyone for reading and enjoying the blog!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,700 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 45 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

A Week Full of Reading

So for the holidays I ended up travelling quite a bit visiting family and friends spread out across the midwest, for when I wasn’t travelling I was mostly spending my time eating food or catching up on all of my family and friends lives and gossiping. But when I was doing none of that I was mostly reading. Part of this was because in half the places I was my friends had crappy to even NO internet access leaving me in the dark of other happenings in the world. This also made it extremely difficult to actually sit down and watch some anime to talk about on the blog.

I did make it back home yesterday, after a little over a full week away from my precious internet and anime… and then everything kinda hits me at once. I was exhausted beyond belief and can barely sluggishly move around the house, much less put in the energy to watch something without falling asleep. I also believe somewhere on the way I caught something because I still feel fairly sluggish and light headed.

So since all I did that was worth talking about was reading, I decided I would put this blog post up to let people know I am still sort of alive, albeit only slightly.

Luckily I don't seem to be running a fever... yet...

Luckily I don’t seem to be running a fever… yet…

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Artwork Extravaganza #9

This week has a theme that no one should at all be surprised about given the day it is.

Yup that is right.

Today is the Christmas Holiday special of the Artwork Extravaganza.

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Inou Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de, Episode 12

One thing I hate about the season ending of course is having to say goodbye to good shows. There are plenty of other things I hate, like bad endings, or not ending soon enough, or whatever else this is all my opinion anyway isn’t it? Also I am rambling again in the intro… can’t be doing that, even if I will keep doing that until this blog ends…

ANYWAY on with the show!


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Gugure! Kokkuri-san, Episode 12

My weekend… kind of just vanished before my eyes. Seems like before I knew it I was waking up, it was Sunday, and I was wondering where my Friday and Saturday went.

Of course I know where they went… I was spending both days playing WoW with a friend and reading Hayate the Combat Butler when I was not doing that. So in other words I just distracted myself from doing stuff that I would write about in the blog and so now after a few days I am kind of blundering about realizing I haven’t done a post since Thursday.

This week marks the end of the season for most shows. A few shows have already ended I believe with SAO II, Akame ga Kill, and I think one or two others as well. As the week progresses it will work its way down to everything but the carryovers finishing up. Just like every season, most leave, some stay, in a few weeks we get a whole new batch, then we repeat the process over and over and over again.

Anyway enough with my rambling, on with the show!


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Encouragement of Climb Season 2, Episode 23 and I Can’t Understand My Husband, Episode 12

So today is going to be a double hitter I guess? I wanted to go over Encouragement of Climb Season 2’s recent episode, but since it is a short I was wondering if it might be enough. So for extra measure I decided hey why not throw in the seasons other short and call it good? Even though unless a lot happens in the last one… I can probably detail it in one or two paragraphs at most.

Anyway on with the show!


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Artwork Extravaganza #8

Yet another Wednesday of course means another day I share pretty pictures because it pleases me.

I kind of like being able to schedule posts especially when I know I will be gone most of the day when I want to do a post, so I can do it the day, or even a few days, ahead of time to get it ready. Of course something I need to do eventually is go through my pictures and put the ones I have used on the blog in a separate folder, otherwise we may end up with some duplicates eventually… though I am sure you will all still enjoy it… right?

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Shingeki no Bahamut, Episode 10

So due to my little rant yesterday I decided to be nice and attempt 2 posts today, so… here you go! Me doing two posts in one day even though I guess you could say it is me being lazy and just doing two episode write ups… but… I can’t think of anything else to write about right now so… we get this!

Anyway on with the show!


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Trinity Seven, Episode 11

It’s kind of interesting looking at the blog now with how many followers I have since I never imagined to have this many following my blog. Even if most following are actually just people from Crunchyroll or probably friends I pressured into liking my blog for me. But… putting that aside it is even more interesting that I have gone over a week without an episode write up especially since that is more or less how I intended to start and continue the blog. Oh the distractions in this world I can write about…

Anyway on with the show!


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