Inou Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de, Episode 9

Somehow… my weekend disappeared without me realizing it. I know I spent most of my Saturday watching anime… and I had planned to do my post last night, but no matter what I did or watched nothing really grabbed me to write a blog post over. So I just kind of sat there looking at a blank page until I realized it was nearly midnight so I gave up and just waited for today. I was debating between InoBato here and Bahamut as my write up, InoBato won namely because Bahamut already had 2 write ups and the last one was only 3 episodes ago.

Anyway, on with the show!


The episode starts out with Tomoyo giving Andou her Light Novel script, almost like it is a confession of love it seems. They go through their usual banter along with some things I love this show for, while the comedy can be very hit or miss the realistic person to person moments, drama or otherwise, is amazing. We get some lines from Tomoyo about how she is amazed Andou can persist being a chuuni, even at their age. While he says something about how he doesn’t think he is persisting and says he would have quit being a chuuni if it wasn’t for someone he met in his past.

After the opening sequence we go to Tomoyo’s brothers group who seems to be more heavily involved (currently) in the whole everyone having powers thing. Of course we have probably the worst combo in that group working together, the quiet guy who gets bored of other people talking with the talkative girl who really doesn’t shut up. They find some info on the place they hit the other day with someone surviving the attack, and instead of reporting it…

Like any good henchmen would do.

Like any good henchmen would do.

We go back to our main group where Andou is going off in his usual chuuni tangent about a guys name who has both white and black in its spelling. He makes a passing remark about using his power to stop being bored to which everyone gangs up on him to never use his power because of what happened before. May just be me, but I can’t recall what happened, so I may need to rewatch something… After the girls get him to agree not to use his power, jokingly or not, they return to their studies.

They of course distract themselves by talking about their grades where we get to see Chifuyu is on both ends of the spectrum with either a 0 or 100 on her tests. We also learn that Andou isn’t actually stupid like we are usually led to believe, only losing to Hatoko by a few spots on the midterm placements, where as we do learn that Tomoyo is significantly lower than both of them on the placement. Of course Sayumi is awesome and gets 2nd place, the highest of everyone by a long shot, of course Kudou who we unfortunately barely see since the first and/or second episode got first.


After the school day is done Hatoko and Tomoyo go out to a cafe to practice some more for the tests. They talk some about how Hatoko doesn’t understand Andou, especially with how he words things when he is full chuuni, such as not understanding tainted power, or other things like that. Of course Tomoyo lets slip a little that she does understand it, though she doesn’t realize she let is slip in this case as I don’t believe she really knows what happened between Hatoko and Andou and with Hatoko’s “that’s not fair” line shows she is really jealous about it, but she quickly hides it by going off to by a sweet.

At school the next day we get some of the hit or miss comedy with the show where the group finds Andou’s club application form and jokes about how he wrote down he has no emotions. Chifuyu traps Andou into saying more or less he has emotions by asking if he likes her which goes back and forth for a bit about how he does and doesn’t like her. Until he just gives up. We get a moment afterwards between Chifuyu and Andou again this time her asking about curry which all leads up to talking about summer break, Andou finally getting the hint after the conversation makes a promise with her to go to the pool together during the break.


We get a short moment between Chifuyu and her friend Cookie about how Chifuyu is in love with Andou, but doesn’t realize it probably because well… she is only in grade school. After that we go to Sayumi who has a conversation with Sagami when she is about to put on glasses, first off I want to know why he is there… but he corners her about her affections for Andou. He goes on about how he wants to help her hook up with Andou, not anyone else. In the club room is Hatoko and Tomoyo, both waiting for Andou, when Hatoko decides to talk about love and to Tomoyo confesses she loves Andou. She also uses the conversation to try to get Tomoyo to be true to herself because anyone can tell she likes Andou as well.

Overall this was a pretty decent episode, and it looks like with what all happened things are going to pick up fairly well from here. A part of me wonders though if only one girl will win in the end, or if the show will pull the famous every girl wins sort of ending, or even the guy won’t choose any of them to avoid hurting the ones he cares about because you know NOT choosing is such a better action…


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