Artwork Extravaganza #6

Another Wednesday, another post of artwork.

A little about what is going on for me: I am still behind on a few shows but I am steadily catching up for the most part, my manga backlog is growing to a serious enough number that I really need to sit down and read soon if I plan to scratch it, and this is the last month of me being out of school before I go back and hopefully start the trek to finishing up my schooling.


I will readily admit… I never really got into One Piece. When it first aired it just didn’t appeal to me, even after learning the dubs the states got were horrendous edited version and I went to watch the originals, and even after watching something of like 300 or 400 episodes… it just didn’t catch my interest enough to continue through to the end. But whether I like a show or not, good art is good art.


Amagi has delivered some amazing artwork to the internet and at quite a steady pace at that. From everything I have heard it has also delivered quite amazingly as an anime as well and I honestly can’t wait to watch it as one of my post season watches. I am also entirely confused as to how an apparently great show from KyoAni no less did not get picked up legally by anyone.


I honestly… was not that big of a fan of Kill la Kill. I seem to have a curse to dislike anything that is insanely overhyped while it is airing. Attack on Titan, Naruto, Kill la Kill, and other such shows, as they aired they were talked about everywhere and people kept saying they are anime of the season/year/decade or whatever else and really… that just kills it for me. Even if it turns out to actually be that good I just don’t like it for some reason. Despite this though I did like Ryuko and many things from the show itself, I just couldn’t really call it good, especially not as good as some seemed to place it.


In many parts of the world the temperatures have dropped and snow has already fallen, with some areas getting some insane amounts of snow at that. I chose this piece as my current holiday themed art because it kind of shows how my area is currently, Christmas-esque things are showing up in the windows and themes of things and the temperatures are dropping where wearing extra layers is advised if not needed. Though I do kind of wish we had snow already in my area…


Takane Shijou, one of the Idolm@ster girls, while probably not even in my top 3 or possibly even 5 of the Idolm@ster girls still shows a lot of her charm through the show. Though she does turn into more or less the exact opposite it seems to me in the OVA series, she is still a fun character.


Tsugumi is one of my favorite characters from Nisekoi. Though saying that isn’t much since I more or less love all the females from the series… I feel sorry for her though… because even if for some reason the author pulls off a harem ending for Nisekoi I can’t see Tsugumi “winning” anything out of it.


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I'm your average twenty-something that just happens to not have your average twenty-something life. I enjoy Anime and Manga. I also like to dabble in writing and Drawing. I also play more games than is necessarily healthy.
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