Denki-gai no Honya-san, Episode 10

Today I decided I would do a write up over one of the shows that has not gotten much attention from me on my blog, I had a few choices honestly with Denki-gai, Celestial Method, Donten ni Warau, and I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying. I simply chose Denki-gai because it isn’t a short (Can’t Understand My Husband), I am not behind on it (Donten ni Warau), and it doesn’t make me question why I am watching it (Celestial Method), OK so maybe that isn’t really all that simple… who cares.

On with the show!


Before I start though I do want to say: I like Denki-gai, I really do. But… it is one of those times where, in my opinion obviously, it fails as an animation compared to its written counterpart. I found the manga amazing and great, sure it wasn’t the best out there but it was good still. It made me laugh and cry, usually from laughing, and I enjoy it whenever a new chapter is out. The anime though… even though it has been more or less faithful to the manga is just… lacking. It isn’t anything stellar and I something grit my teeth at some parts because animated it is just so… meh.

So the episode starts out at Sensei’s place and she is battling her girl power once again to try to make chocolates for Valentines Day and she of course ultimately fails in the endeavor. This is one of those things I was just talking about… in the manga the whole girl power thing was cute and kind of endearing but animated, especially how often it is animated, is just… ugh at this point. Anyway Tsumorin is there to save the day and of course all of the other girls have gathered now and they are going to be making Valentine’s Day snacks.

"One out of every five girls can cook normally."

“One out of every five girls can cook normally.”

All the girls go through showing that they know nothing of cooking it seems or the show has already run out of ideas to use from the manga and this is now just one giant comedy skit as Rotty bashes the chocolate with a bat, Sensei uses water from a electric tea kettle to melt the chocolate, Hio somehow shapes the whipped cream into horns, and Camera ends up eating all of the strawberries. Of course Tsumorin is prepared for all of these by having everything already pre ready off to the side.

In the end, thanks to Tsumorin, they end up making a delicious cake for Valentines Day… but they of course end up eating all of it. On Valentine’s Day Sensei is freaking out to give Umio chocolate and of course things go wrong and other things are misunderstood as Sensei runs off. In the break room Camera is holding onto her chocolate when Tsumorin shows up saying she was worried about the other girls. Camera says she doesn’t want to bother the guy whom she wants to give chocolate to as everyone, including him, has someone they already care about. So she is content with stay in the back and being the record keeper.


Tsumorin of course pushes her into giving her chocolate to whom she likes and so Camera heads off to Producer to give her chocolate. A quick fast forward and we are already at White Day and Umio is giving to chocolate to everyone but Sensei as she never gave him chocolate. She admits that but gets mad as well, spraying him with… something, and convincing Rotty he is a zombie. Of course Rotty beats Umio into a pixelated mess before he gives in and gives Sensei her candy for White Day as well.

Afterwards they all head home except for Hio who overhears a phone call with Producer about more stock coming in, she leaves her things in the store as they both go and get snacks from a convenience store. When they get back the store is locked and the Manager had already left and gone home.  They head to a place that I am not sure what it exactly is, but it has rooms where you can use TV’s and such, also as we learn after Hio who is half awake spills coffee on herself they have shower rooms… really wonder what these type of places are…


Hio of course is going crazy wondering if Producer is being nice or teasing her again, still completely unaware of the fact that he actually likes her I think at least. We get a flashback of a conversation between Tsumorin and Hio about how Tsumorin is helping Hio because she wants to give up on Producer and let Hio and Producer get together. Hio comes back from her shower and we get some more moments of Producer and Hio and their relationship/not relationship situation. Of course Hio is still freaking out about it, but not much better is Producer.

The episode ends with Tsumorin having a bit of inner monologue about her own feelings to Producer after having seeing Producer and Hio the next day at work and how close they have gotten to each other. So… overall it wasn’t bad the second half I guess… but the whole girl power thing especially has started to wear thin in how sort of cute it actually is. What the show really needs is more Camera and Rotty to make me happy, that or getting these couples to realize their feelings for each other already.


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