Lord Marksman and Vanadis, Episode 10

Normally I would put a little something here talking about something random.

Today is not that day.

On with the show!


The episode starts out where we left off previously with the invading Muozinel army preparing to attack the now combined forces that Tigre and Mila were able to pull together. Coming out of the intro we get another one of the scenes of how the show explains battles. I have seen it parts some people like and some people hate these scenes, mostly the people who hate it just wish it was animated and we could see what was happening as it was happening, when put that way I agree but I still like the scenes anyway.

Mila and Tigre were hiding on what was thought to be the unoccupied hill attacking the main force that was pursuing the recent slaves from the previous episode that were freed. It turns out what was thought to be slaves were more soldiers as they join the attack on the invaders. The actual refugees have fortified themselves on the hilltop after being convinced to help Tigre fight back against the invaders.


Unfortunately for Tigre and Mila their forces are at their breaking point and are quickly overwhelmed by the invaders superior numbers quickly. Just when they were being pushed to the end reinforcements arrive in form of quite the number of knights requested by Mashas and other allies of Tigre. Despite the reinforcements though, due to the invaders numbers, they do not give in even when Mashas himself arrives with even more reinforcements.

Despite this though eventually the enemy retreats to await reports. After receiving his reports that 30% of his army has been taken out and that his reinforcements would not be arriving the enemy general decides to withdraw from the campaign rather than lose his entire army in a losing battle. Worn out from the battle Tigre ends up passing out shortly after receiving news of the retreat and Mila ends up sleeping beside him through the night.


The following morning, Tigre is still out cold but Mila wakes up moments before Elen arrives to which of course Mila uses to her advantage to teast Elen. Of course Tigre ends up waking up in the middle of their little arguement. Outside the Zchted and Brune soldiers along with the refugees are celebrating their victory against the invaders and eventually Tigre is moving around doing things as needed as commander. In the tent with Mashas and some of the others they are admitting that now Tigre is no longer just a simple boy but someone who has grown into a third power in Brune.

That evening Mila gets Tigre to call her by her nickname and sort of gets him to agree to making plans to have tea with her later. Elen and Tigre end up going out sort of to gaze at the stars and talk about everything that has happened. Tigre ends up apologizing about losing so many of Elen’s soldiers in the battle which of course she tells him not to worry about it. Elen gets him to forgive himself about the deaths as the hold hands watching the stars.


The episode ends on a clip with the girl Tigre rescued before so I am sure that will be coming up next with her involvement, I get the feeling she is another War Maiden or something. Overall… well this might just be my shortest episode write up… even though I feel like I got everything written down. So it is kind of interesting because if I did that means not a lot really ended up happening for me to be roughly at half of what I normally get in a write up I believe…

Anyway the episode and show is still getting a lot of my interest and I am actually looking forward to where it goes from here. Also since we are at episode 10 now, I am really curious where the show will end at. Will it end on a cliffhanger hoping for a second season? Will the last 2-3 episode fly by and Tigre ends the whole war thing going on? Not sure but it is one reason why I am looking forward to it. If I had to guess I am betting they are looking at a second season (or it is a 24 episode season that I am not aware of) because we haven’t even met half of the cast in the introduction yet if I am correct.


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