A Day Full of Reading

With my increase in desire of writing my desire to increase my reading has also gone pretty insane. Now it is normally reserved towards manga because… well manga is just easier to obtain and read than actual books. This doesn’t mean of course that I do not read other literature out there, just currently I do read quite a bit less of things like Lord of the Rings, Seven Realms novels, or the Cthulu Mythos. Also Tuesdays are a major day for manga, for me at least because it is generally the release date for manga volumes in the store and over the weekend to today there are a lot of updates in ongoing manga from scanlation sites.

So today I am just going to go over some of the manga series I am currently reading through, or currently waiting for chapters/volumes to come out, as well as giving my OWN synopsis of the series and my thoughts of the series. I may also explain some of what is currently going on in the series at the point I am at in it.

There won’t be any real order to this other than the fact it is series that are ongoing (as far as I know at least) if the series is done to my knowledge, or I am at least done reading it, I won’t talk about it. Also images are probably just gonna be stock images so don’t expect to much visual excitement just expect to get my thoughts on series you may like or have thought about reading.

Starting out I will go with Barakamon.


Seishū Handa is a master calligrapher despite still being only in his early twenties. Quick to anger, Handa punches an elderly man who calls his work unoriginal and as punishment, and to improve on his work, he is sent to a remote island where his life begins to change.’

For anyone who has browsed around and seen my Top Anime list or has talked to me on Crunchyroll you probably know Barakamon ended up stealing all of my interest and made it second on the list. Thus when I heard that the manga was coming state side legally I started throwing money at my computer monitor because I needed the series that badly. So far the manga is only slightly different than the anime with the anime having condensed some scenes and interactions from multiple chapters into only a few scenes instead. Also the art is slightly different than the anime itself but I still personally love the differences.



Kazama Kenji is a delinquent with a good side. He is dragged into joining a sketchy club after helping put out a fire, that they started, and he ends up staying despite trying to distance himself from the club itself and all the insane things he deals with at his school and with his club.’

D-Frag is an interesting series for me. It is neither amazingly good nor horribly bad. I’d give it passing stars most of the time though some of the jokes do wear thin after awhile. Currently in the story, though it has been awhile since it has been updated so I may be a bit rusty on exact details, the group just recently returned from one of their insane adventures and now Kenji is in the process of trying to figure out what type of character he is among all the insane characters who all seem to have their set role. Through some of the slapstick comedy that the series runs on Kenji learns in the end he is the tsukkomi of an entire cast of boke’s.



On the day Yasuke was planning to confess his feelings he breaks a mirror at his shrine home. A goddess curses him for the deed and the curse is he cannot be separated from her or else he will end up dying.’

A fun little harem rom/com series with the usual/unusual twist to keep it interesting and different from other series. Currently in the series we are now in the, what I call, post high. Essentially we hit the high point currently, in fact the way it feels is that the series is heading towards its end now. Yasuke confessed his feelings to his childhood friend, and subsequently all of the other girls, and are now currently getting just some random filler chapters until either the author finds something new to throw at us or the series ends. The recent chapter gave us Amaterasu playing matchmaker after having read to many shoujo manga and it sort of working out in the end.

Is This Girl for Real?!


Jun Yoshikawa is the son of a mangaka who often helps with the manga work. One day while out at night he comes across a drunk woman and later learns that she is his mothers new assistant, and will be living with them. Thus starts his new life of dealing with this drunk lady, his school life, and helping with chores around the house.’

Is This Girl for Real has actually been quite a fun read, despite the tones of desperate thirty something woman pinning after a high school boy and an even more desperate thirty something man pinning after the same boy. The latter which I can not forgive at all right now for his recent intrusion in the most recent chapter right after the confession that just happened for Jun. Assuming the series sticks on its current course of setting up the properly aged characters together I am fine, though I would probably be fine if Jun somehow ends up with our cougar Narumi.

Shokugeki no Soma


Sōma Yukihira has a dream to become a full time chef in his father’s restaurant. But when one day his father closes up the restaurant to cook in America he sends Sōma to an elite culinary school where less than 10% of the students graduate.’

This is actually probably one of my favorite series right now. Which is interesting because even though it is interesting for me, it is pretty much the same thing happening over and over again just with different characters and food being cooked. Currently in the manga Sōma is in the middle of a three way battle against two of his toughest opponents yet in the cooking contest that the school is famous for and things are starting to heat up as each of them are preparing their food.



Hori is a cute popular girl at school while Morimiya is a quiet, glasses wearing boy. But outside of the school both are extremely different with Hori being so busy taking care of her brother and chores she is actually not as popular as she seems and rarely does normal teenager things meanwhile Morimiya is friendly and outgoing with many piercings and tattoos as well as being fairly bad at academics.’

This was an interesting series that was recently recommended to me and it has actually kept my interest fairly well, of course that isn’t hard for any series really. I like the relationship between the main pair as it started from them just keeping each others secrets to genuinely caring about the other. Currently the main pairs relationship is going steady and now it seems to be putting some focus on the other characters and their relationships, or rather relationships they want to have, with each other. Though the series is going strong I would have to say I can’t see it lasting much longer, but I guess that remains to be seen.



Raku Ichijo, the son of a leader in the Yakuza, and Chitoge Kirisaki, the daughter of a rival gang, are one day forced into a relationship to avoid an all out war between the groups. This turns out to be quite challenging due to their hatred for each other as well Raku’s crush on his classmate Kosaki Onodera. More complications soon show up with Chitoge’s bodyguard, another girl claiming to Raku’s fiancee, as well as a promise from ten years ago.’

Nisekoi… it is an amazing love-hate relationship with this one. On one hand I love the series and enjoy it quite a bit. On the other hand it is dragged out so much now it is starting to lose its flavor you could say. Currently we are starting an arc where everyone is going on their school trip to Kyoto and Raku who can’t stop being mister nice guy is late after helping an old lady. Also late, for reasons unknown currently, is Onodera and they both will be travelling together to catch up with everyone else. So since it is this series I expect they will get extremely close with each other before something happens to ruin it all. But it is interesting because we just recently had an Onodera chapter and the author usually doesn’t have the same character show up too often like this. Luckily unlike some I like all the characters so more Nisekoi is just good for me.

I think I will stop here because if I don’t stop I will keep going until there is easily another dozen series on the list. I am reading quite a few more series after all, and with recommendations from friends and the internet that list keeps on growing and growing. The worst part is not having space for the physical copies of series, I already need a new bookcase…


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