Artwork Extravaganza #7

Another Wednesday means another day of Artwork.

Well I hope at least, this is actually my first time using a scheduled post here on WordPress so I just hope it all works fine and this actually shows up tomorrow while I am gone. If it goes up right hooray! If not, well I guess we get two posts today… or a random art post sometime in the future on an unknown day…


Tomoyo one of the potential girls for Andou to fall for in InoBato and the one who is probably closest to him in terms of age, interests, and… chuuni-ness? I like her though I do like Hatoko more, and not sure how I am going to handle the series if both her and Hatoko somehow do not win.


The Idolm@ster twins Ami and Mami are the mischievous prankster duo that actually really remind me of the twins I knew in high school that did much of the same type of pranks and also loved to play games as well. Too bad they were dudes and not cute girls though…


A short while ago Pixiv was having a contest that gave me an insane amount of fantasy themed artwork to enjoy, there was no shortage of angels coming out of that contest and I enjoy this one because of its slightly darker tone than one would normally see from an angel.


Japan I have learned really loves memes. They also tend to make memes from… well nothing usually. But the recent one to implode out of Japan is one from some turtleneck sweaters with a cleavage window. From all I have read, practical people were like “This is useless, why would I wear something that shows my skin in such cold weather.” meanwhile the otaku side of Japan was going “I want to put my waifu in that.” and such Pixiv, Deviantart, and other such sites exploded with anime characters, both male and female, wearing such sweaters.


Ben-to was a really unique show. I mean death defying battles that put some shonen battles to shame and over half priced bentos? Yeah you don’t really get more unique than that honestly… Anyway it was still a good show and if you haven’t seen it I recommend it.


Camera and Rotty is the cuteness driving the series Denki-gai no Honya-san. Sadly, there is far too little of the duo in the anime and it is really starting to show now after the three episodes or so of continuous ‘Girl Power’ episodes that have gone on. Luckily there is plenty of the pair in the manga and I highly recommend a read to anyone.


It’s Gotta Be the Twin-tails was one of the few shows I didn’t really care for this season… I gave it my fair chance of it interesting me, but it just didn’t. Despite that artwork often shows up on Pixiv, and I know a few people who like the series so I often share the pictures for them. A part of me wants to say it is cute… but it’s a clever trap that I can’t fall for.


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I'm your average twenty-something that just happens to not have your average twenty-something life. I enjoy Anime and Manga. I also like to dabble in writing and Drawing. I also play more games than is necessarily healthy.
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