Shingeki no Bahamut, Episode 10

So due to my little rant yesterday I decided to be nice and attempt 2 posts today, so… here you go! Me doing two posts in one day even though I guess you could say it is me being lazy and just doing two episode write ups… but… I can’t think of anything else to write about right now so… we get this!

Anyway on with the show!


The episode starts us out in the human city where Rita is cornered by our interesting little demon in disguise hiding within the city walls. They begin to fight but Rita being the smart zombie she is uses her powers to distract the demon and run from him. You know I will say this about Bahamut… it is an awesome show that came from a fairly generic and boring mobile game that was really only there for the card art rather than the game itself. But enough of that back to the show.

After the intro we are back with Amira, Kaisar, and Favaro who are on their way to Helheim after Favaro was given his tough decision to make at the end of the previous episode when told by the other dragon, whom I am just gonna call The Watcher, that in order to cull the events happening he will have to kill Amira before she can awaken Bahamut. Meanwhile it seems Kaisar and Amira notice nothing different about Favaro even though he is clearly acting moody and distant.


Back in the human capital, Jeanne is set to be burned at the stake by the King who has gone mad after the encounter with the demon and the murder of the 3rd in command of the army. Meanwhile the people are rioting against what is happening due to Jeanne saving them all. The King orders the knights to murder the people trying to save Jeanne, while Jeanne pleads to the gods to save the innocent people when she sees in the flames a sort of vision of the gods saying humans are worthless beings only to be used by the gods.

It seems to be all tricks of the demon as he shows up and gives something to Jeanne that turns her into a demon and when she takes up the sword given to her by the gods she corrupts it thrusts into the ground and flies off on the back of what I assume to be some minion demon sorta thing. After these events Rita comes up to Bacchus saying she needs to ask him about a few things. Probably related to what just happened, and maybe about Favaro and Kaisar?


Back with Favaro and company Favaro has just tied the barb from Bahamut to the hilt of his old sword to make a mean looking new weapon. Suddenly the ground breaks apart and pieces of the land start flying up into the sky. Out of the ground erupts one of those flying monstrosities that we say earlier in the show that Azazael was using, but this one is slightly bigger, and more menacing. In the midst of all the flying islands and monstrosity is the demon who has been causing all the recent problems with Jeanne, Rita, and the King.

Rita meanwhile is travelling with Bacchus getting her answers apparently having never heard of any power that turned someone into a full fledged demon before, like what just happened to Jeanne, and Bacchus answers saying there is a bounty on a man no one is sure is human or demon, but is able to turn others into demons. Though it is just a rumor just as he is about to name him though they hit something, that something turning out to be Azazael. I gotta admit that is probably the loudest I laughed at a moment in anime in awhile…


Back with the others we learn the demon is Amira’s teacher, and she says Martinet. I am not sure if this is suppose to be his name or if it is the actual word of martinet which means a strong or harsh disciplinarian, which is essentially the same thing as a teacher. For now unless I learn a different name I will call him Marti! Anyway Marti does some fancy flameworks and out of the flames comes Beelzebub the leader of one of the factions on the demon side. Marti apparently being one of Beelzebub’s underlings.

Beelzebub traps Kaisar and Favaro and tells Amira she will be the instrument in unleashing Bahamuts seal along with the demon key. Amira refuses saying she intends to change her fate by the side of her mother. Whom apparently Marti also has entombed in the special ice/crystal and shows to Amira. At this moment though we go back to Rita and Bacchus as Azazael wakes up. Where Rita wants to question Azazael about whomever is using Amira for their schemes.


Going back to Amira who is staring at her mother who just got released from her prison. Her mother begins to burn as Amira crys out to her and Marti says her mother hates her. At this moment Amira’s memories change as she says it is a lie, and comes to a realization that she is not technically the child of the angel in front of her but in fact an imitation of her and that her true “parent” would essentially be Beezlebub. All of her memories are essentially falsehoods planted there by the demons.

When Kaisar yells out at the demons Beelzebub causes his cage to be set on fire burning Kaisar inside of it. This is when Amira decides to go and hug her mother just like Favaro said before. Favaro knows this is a trap and tries to tell her to stop but Amira pushes on anyway and goes into the dome where her mother was burning and hugs her. During their hug though her mother begins to dissipate. All of the particles that was her mother being another fabrication probably.


After this Amira truly breaks down and her power goes out of control, this apparently being the trap Beelzebub and Marti were waiting for as they break into grins as a bright light envelops the area, apparently that light being what I assume the demon key as it fuses with the god key in Amira. Beelzebub traps her in a sphere saying next is Bahamut. Meanwhile Favaro… asks to join their side!

You know I hated Favaro at the beginning to be honest. But he really has grown on me as a character and it is lines exactly like how this episode ended that just make him a great character in my eyes. Anyway that isn’t the true end of the episode as this is one of the few times this season where there is a post credits scene. Here we get Beelzebub saying this is amusing and he frees Favaro.

Marti gives him the same elixir that Jeanne took and Favaro tries to attack while accepting it. But Marti knows Favaro’s methods and quickly parries the attack. He then forces Favaro to take the elixir much like with Jeanne thus turning into a demon and THAT is the actual ending of this episode and I just got to say…. IS IT NEXT WEEK YET?!?!


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