Trinity Seven, Episode 11

It’s kind of interesting looking at the blog now with how many followers I have since I never imagined to have this many following my blog. Even if most following are actually just people from Crunchyroll or probably friends I pressured into liking my blog for me. But… putting that aside it is even more interesting that I have gone over a week without an episode write up especially since that is more or less how I intended to start and continue the blog. Oh the distractions in this world I can write about…

Anyway on with the show!


My first thought with Trinity Seven is I wonder how long it will go. I have heard both that it will have a 12/13 episode run and a 24/25 episode run, so honestly I have no idea which it will be without going about and researching it myself and honestly… well I am just too lazy to do that, also half the fun is just waiting to see what happens. Right? Maybe? No? Of course I am only curious because after I started the show I wanted to read the manga so I have read an caught up to the current translated chapter and wonder where the anime will end compared to it.

The episode starts out with Hijiri’s attack on the school after the previous episodes encounter with her and Arata’s group when they were at the other school. The one currently attacking the school is Lugh who is on Hijiri’s team and the one to head her off is Levi. Of course the Headmaster is there but he is just being silly in the background but that isn’t really anything abnormal for him. Though Levi is kind of outmatched in the fight I still think she is awesome and is easily my favorite character still. Besides even being outmatched she does get a few hits on Lugh before getting kicked around herself.


Levi ends up activating her ultimate skill in her thema to attack Lugh but it turns out in the end to be a simple ruse as Levi used it and ran off. Back at Arata’s group the teleportation ring they used to get there has been destroyed but Lillith and the others use their powers to begin reactivating it despite this. At the school Levi is still holding off Lugh after being healed by the Headmasters magic while they were hiding. Lugh however activates her Trinity which also includes many treasures that quickly slice through Levi’s tricks.

Back in Yui’s dream Yui is destabilizing due to seeing Levi being injured, Selina calms her down before leaving to help Levi using her binding macro. Unfortunately it has little effect on Lugh who blasts through it and Selina and Levi through the floor below. But Selina uses her magic to free Liese, even though it is actually just using Selina’s body. Liese and Selina use their magics together to trap Lugh for a moment but she destroys one of her weapons that destroys the binding.


Lugh attacks Selina/Liese combo before they can attempt to bind her again and uses her speed to get the advantage over them. Liese acts as if she has is scared and about to be attacked when Levi counters in her place, destroying another one of Lughs armaments. At that moment though is when Hijiri finally shows up and the tables definitely turn against our girls chances of success. But that only lasts a few moments before Arata and the others of Trinity Seven show up as well, and of course Arata lands in his typically awesome fashion by landing on Lugh’s chest.

Oh god Arata is the most awesome harem MC with his lines. Can this show not end? Please? It is just too much fun for me. Sadly I know the manga isn’t THAT far ahead of where the anime is so I doubt they could do an entire second cour despite how much I wish they would be able to. Which going back to my question at the beginning of the post probably means this show will end next episode or two if they have a 13th episode. But hey I would be happy if they can somehow pull off 24 episodes, I doubt they will though but still!.


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