Encouragement of Climb Season 2, Episode 23 and I Can’t Understand My Husband, Episode 12

So today is going to be a double hitter I guess? I wanted to go over Encouragement of Climb Season 2’s recent episode, but since it is a short I was wondering if it might be enough. So for extra measure I decided hey why not throw in the seasons other short and call it good? Even though unless a lot happens in the last one… I can probably detail it in one or two paragraphs at most.

Anyway on with the show!


Starting out I am going with Encouragement of Climb. For anyone who doesn’t know Encouragement of Climb is a cute little short series about friends, hiking, mountain climbing, and overcoming challenges in front of you. It works perfectly as a short and isn’t one of the time where I wish there was more going on because I think the show would have a huge downfall if it tried to do too much in too little time or, in the even worst case scenario, doing too little in too much time.

Where we are at in the story is the group of girls have just climbed to I believe the half way point on the mountain where Aoi and Hinata made a promise when they were younger that they would come back one day to see the sunrise. Currently they are all in one of the mountain cabins where they will spend the night and are also waiting out the rain to hopefully end. As they are relaxing Honoka, the photographer girl Aoi met in the previous episode, arrives after taking her photos.


Honoka likes taking pictures of scenery but Kaede shows her that there are other things to take pictures of as she gets everyone in for a group picture. At dinner the girls bond some more at Aoi’s expense about her experiences at Mt. Fuji as well as taking the opportunity to celebrate Kokona’s birthday together, which all the other guests at the cabin get involved with as well a little bit.

Later that evening after Kokona begins to fall asleep so Aoi takes her to bed Kaede and Hinata have a bit of a heart to heart talk about others feelings, specifically if they are happy about being where they are or something like that. Up in the sleeping space Honoka is showing Aoi all her pictures as well as why she takes them specifically for the fact when you look at it later even if it has been a long time you will recall what you were thinking when you took that picture. Which as a amateur photographer myself I kind of can understand this.

This whole character showing up makes me want to get a new camera and pick photography up again.

This whole character showing up makes me want to get a new camera and pick photography up again.

Just like Hinata moments before, Aoi is worried that after they fulfill their promise to see the sunrise there will be nothing for them afterwards. Honoka uses photography as a bit of an allusion here saying in a sense that once one promise is fulfilled another will soon take its place. Pretty much reassuring Aoi that she has nothing to worry about as Hinata and her would continue making promises even after this one. The girls eventually go to sleep after wondering if it would be clear in the morning.

In the morning as they climb to the summit Aoi is pondering the question asked of her about why she is climbing the mountain. When they make it to the summit they wait for the sunrise together at the spot their made their promise. We get a bit of a flashback here of a lot of what happened to the girls in their climbing adventures and even without really saying much realize that this isn’t the end of their friendships just because they fulfilled one promise as they realize they will continue making more and more promises.


You know for a 13 minute episode that felt like I wrote quite a bit. Though it is still a fair bit shorter than my average write ups.

But as I said we are getting a double showing this post so now we are on to the next show!


This show is a fair bit shorter than Encouragement of Climb, coming in at a quick 3 minutes. There also isn’t much of a continuing story so to speak as much as it is just quick little skits between the couple and their friends or family.

This week the episode is apparently in the future as it is Christmas for them and our otaku husband starts out speaking about his past and how the holiday was completely awful for him alone.


Of course now he has his hot wife but… she has to work all day so he starts regressing a bit. She of course offers playing around now while they have the chance. I gotta say I wish I had this wife… despite the smoking thing she likes otaku guys and is willing to have a lot of fun! So awesome!

Anyway putting aside my jealousy for now we go back to the husband who is despairing because he is alone so he goes through the usual self conversation we all have with lines like “I’m all alone, nothing to do, I should go to a friends house, oh I don’t have any…” Of course that is when we remember our one friend and go to their place!


And they proceed to give us this look.

But of course we have to leave by 9pm because they are of course a married couple as well and we all know what they do after 9pm. So this means our friend decides to invite someone else over to turn it into a party and they bring their date/husband as well. Our husband seems to be outnumbered by couples and I feel like this will be brought up soon.

And sure enough it is! Sort of. After he thinks about his wife who is stuck at work he takes some cake home for her but not before one of the couples decides to get all lovey dovey with him still around. Which pisses off any single man or taken man without his loved one there.

Eventually the wife gets off of work and buys a cake eventually running into the husband on the way home. They talk about their day though the wife does just end up getting confused at the husbands reference about not trying new things alone. Of course at night at 9pm (referencing to the same time earlier…) the wife says she has to work tomorrow as well so wants to go to bed. Which leaves our husband a crying mess of course.


Huh imagine that… almost doubled up the post with a 3 minute segment. Yay for writing! I guess… Anyway the next week or two starts what I consider the insane rush as shows start to end or move into their second cour and I have gotta admit some shows really have me curious on how they will be ending with a few possibly even hinging completely on the ending as to whether it will be great, good, or decent as a show.

Of course the other part of the insane rush albeit getting more than a week or two of looking at is the time I use in between seasons to look at the shows I put aside for marathoning at the beginning or during the season which for this season I have quite a few titles that I put aside at the beginning that have received quite a bit of praise and hype through the season to back them up. Such as Amagi, Fate/Stay Night, YuYuYu, and a few others so I am looking to starting these all, with these will also be I guess my attempt to doing a full season back to back review of sorts.

So I suppose as long as I don’t forget to write here during the holiday break you all can look forward to the madness to come!


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