Gugure! Kokkuri-san, Episode 12

My weekend… kind of just vanished before my eyes. Seems like before I knew it I was waking up, it was Sunday, and I was wondering where my Friday and Saturday went.

Of course I know where they went… I was spending both days playing WoW with a friend and reading Hayate the Combat Butler when I was not doing that. So in other words I just distracted myself from doing stuff that I would write about in the blog and so now after a few days I am kind of blundering about realizing I haven’t done a post since Thursday.

This week marks the end of the season for most shows. A few shows have already ended I believe with SAO II, Akame ga Kill, and I think one or two others as well. As the week progresses it will work its way down to everything but the carryovers finishing up. Just like every season, most leave, some stay, in a few weeks we get a whole new batch, then we repeat the process over and over and over again.

Anyway enough with my rambling, on with the show!


I love this show, though I will admit there are some oddly placed lows here and there, overall though it gets me laughing every episode. Today the episode starts out on Christmas day and Kohina is having an inner monologue about how dolls do not care for Christmas nor do they get excited about it. I bet this is because she has been alone before Kokkuri and the others started living with her so she never enjoyed the holidays before.

Anyway she is out going to buy a bucket of chicken to take home when she sees a RC Cup-Noodle/Car sort of thing that costs exactly what it would take to buy the chicken instead. She has a fight with her inner demons and angels about whether to buy it or not when with Kohina’s great luck for getting creepers around her some random creeper shows up propositioning her if she wants him to buy the RC for her and then they can spend some time together. Cue Kokkuri-san showing up with a decent flying kick to the face.


Of course we learn Kokkuri is slightly creepy in the fact he followed Kohina around as well to keep an eye on her. Oh and because she stole the money that was meant for the chicken. The guy Kokkuri kicked around gets back up and we get a fun little tangent of how he is going to sue Kokkuri, realizes he is a ghost, and then gets upset because he can’t sue a ghost. Afterwards we learn he is a lawyer, as if that wasn’t clear enough already, and that his creeper act was all because he was nervous in trying to get assistance to buy a gift for his daughter… who right now I get the feeling MIGHT be someone we know.

In the next segment Kokkuri and Kohina are helping the creepy lawyer with his shopping, because what else do you do to the creepy guy other than walk around town with them? As they decide what to buy the daughter Kohina drops what I think is a logic bomb that everyone should use when deciding gifts… ASK THE PERSON! Yes yes surprise gifts are nice, but it should still be a surprise gift of something you KNOW they like. Of course if you have this guys problems… it might not work out for you anyway.


So Kokkuri explodes kind of and suggests instead of just a gift they have a Christmas party, because now we have to party with the strange creeper before this is all over! They end up grabbing a gift and the chicken and head to the creeper guys place. Aw, so the daughter didn’t end up being Kohina’s classmate like I originally thought… but boy does she look like every lonely drunk I see at the bars during this time of the year… the listen to her ranting before slowly going back into the hallway. This is where Kokkuri perks up the stranger danger old guy and gives him a good luck charm before getting him back inside with his daughter.

She of course responds saying its too late for him to be acting like a father, which is enough to make him burst into tears… of happiness… because she actually responded instead of ignoring him. You’re right Kohina… his standards ARE low. Holy hell that daughter is Tsundere to the max… Anyway they all have a small nice Christmas party together, after awhile Kokkuri says it is time to go and we learn the truth of why this was all happening.


It turns out or creepy old man is actually a spirit or something himself and Kokkuri was just helping him cross over to the next life. It is kind of interesting in a comedy show like this how these semi-serious moments come up but honestly I think it strengthens the show overall. Of course the shows selling point is its comedy, and so at the end of the segment Kohina and Kokkuri realize they forgot all about Inugami who is waiting at home for the chicken dinner.

The next segment starts a week later on New Years where everyone except Kokkuri is lounging under a Kotatsu. Kokkuri is of course in his New Year cleaning mode and gets the others who are lazing about to help him. Of course they ignored him at first but he eventually snapped, to which they ignored. So since they were completely unwilling to help he had to take measures to get their help in the end.


While Kohina is cleaning Inugami offers to help, so Kohina asks him to take out the garbage. In simple Inugami fashion… he blows up the entire area instead. Of course the house back in the next scene because… well… they referenced Dragon Ball Z.. Oh and now Inugami is an unrecognizable blur from being pummeled next to death. Though I agree with Kokkuri… why DOES Kohina’s storehouse have such items in it… oh I guess just call it a plot device and call it good.

The next day the group goes to a shrine for their New Year visit. Where Kohina questions is there is any reason for him, a former god, to be at a shrine. Kohina questions what Kokkuri would wish for and we get a little inner monologue from him about how humans have short fleeting lives and how he wishes he wouldn’t have to say goodbye again with a short clip of an older woman, who I kind of thinks looks like an older Kohina.

What you expected the older one? HAH!

What you expected the older one? HAH!

So that is that. I wish there was more, but I always wish that upon a good show ending. It was a overall pretty decent, though as I understand it there could be some taboo subjects within the show itself others could hate. I think I am fairly immune to most of these taboo things so I guess they didn’t bother me. Especially since they were used in a light-hearted comedic style rather than an over serious style.


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