Inou Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de, Episode 12

One thing I hate about the season ending of course is having to say goodbye to good shows. There are plenty of other things I hate, like bad endings, or not ending soon enough, or whatever else this is all my opinion anyway isn’t it? Also I am rambling again in the intro… can’t be doing that, even if I will keep doing that until this blog ends…

ANYWAY on with the show!


After the last episodes ending followed up with the preview for this episode I have to say I was really waiting to see how this show is going to end. I personally have so many what ifs and what will happens going through my head that it is driving me nuts. Will Andou end up with someone? Will they stay with powers or give up their powers? What else could happen or not happen? Well let’s find out.

Today the episode starts out right where we left off previously with Mirei, who just stole Hatoko’s power, attacking the group with the stolen powers. Chifuyu blocks the attack but her power is stolen as well right before Tomoyo uses her power to teleport the group safely away. Apparently Andou had thought they may be attacked again because well his chuuni side knows no better but in this situation as Sayumi says it helps them.


The group hides in a karaoke place to escape the rain and to talk about what is happening. Sayumi says they should stick together to avoid being split up. She also says something along the lines of how though it looked like someone who was Mirei attacking them it didn’t feel like it was her. To confirm this Andou calls her and assumes it isn’t the Mirei they know and sets up a meeting in an hour at the club room.

Mirei meanwhile is with Sagami at the bowling alley wondering how Andou and his group can have powers but not know anything about this Fairy War. We learn that someone is actually controlling Mirei’s body though through what means I am not sure. But this is a show about fairies and superpowers… dunno if we really need logic behind all of it. So far this is all playing out very interesting.


Back with Andou and our group Andou says he believes it is some form of possession power holding Mirei captive and that he has a strategy. He asks for permission to use ‘that’ one more time, ‘that’ being his special move that I think I have forgotten already… but is apparently very dangerous as at first they disagree with him but finally relent realizing there isn’t any other choice right now.

At the school Andou goes alone to confront Mirei who wastes no time in attacking Andou with the combined powers of Hatoko and Chifuyu. She keeps trying to goad him into calling the others, but he notices she isn’t actually killing him which probably means he is needed alive for whatever plans she needs so he refuses to give in to her demands, even after having his leg speared and almost being drowned.


After this of course Andou goes into full chunni mode with his power being at ‘stage two’. Of course Mirei steals this as well, but his useless skill becomes even more useless in that they now hurt the one using the flames and they can’t be extinguished. I think this is why I don’t remember this power or anything, because they never showed it before. As we get a flashback from a few episodes back in the club room when he said he first unlocked his ‘stage two’ and they kind of glossed over it.

In the flashback of course Andou is being full on chuuni like he always is and when he activates the power it goes in light of a better term right now out of control and starts burning him. They try to freeze his hand but it does nothing so Sayumi steps up get Chifuyu to create a guillotine and one of her pocket portal things, cut off his hand, and then Sayumi uses her power to heal his lost hand back making him promise to never use the power again.


You know… this episode sure has taken a somewhat darker tone than the more or less light heartedness of the rest of the series. But hell I am loving it still. Back with Andour and Mirei he forces the one possessing Mirei out of the body else she will burn there with him. She begrudgingly leaves Mirei and that is when of course Mirei freaks out because… well her hand is on fire. The group shows up as Andou calls out to them and quickly get everything settled again by returning Chifuyus powers and using another guillotine to take off the hands.

The girls, minus Sayumi and Mirei, break down because of the events and we get a quick scene back at the bowling alley where Kiryuu sort of takes care of the one who interfered with everything, saying something along the lines of saving the best for last. At Mirei’s house Sayumi is explaining all that happened to Mirei since she seems to not have any memories from while being possessed and they talk about how Andou went so far just to save her. Also can I just say right now… Mirei + hair down = YES PLEASE!


Hmm… now it seems for the moment the show is going back to its light hearted slice of life-ness. After Sayumi and Mirei talk about Andou, and the fact they both love him, it goes to Hatoko and Tomoyo who are at a cafe after shopping, also talking about Andou. Where after some talking we learn not only Hatoko, who we already knew loved Andou, but so does Tomoyo, though anyone who watched the series could tell she did as well.

Next we go to Chifuyu who is taking the lead by asking Andou out apparently! Andou talks about how he doesn’t want Chifuyu around because of the scary things that have happened, but at the same time he doesn’t want her gone because of those same things. Chifuyu of course chooses to stay around because she wants to be with Andou, but Andou is clueless and probably doesn’t realize that.


This is when of course the other girls show up and we get some finishing comedy between Andou and Tomoyo about Andou showing off his powers.

Well just as I predicted no one ended up with anyone else, but I do believe this is an ongoing light novel… so I give my hope to Hatoko or Mirei to win in the end!

Yeah… I know… it is probably too much to hope for isn’t it?

Overall I really enjoyed this series, and if anything else with it comes out I will definitely watch it.


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