A Week Full of Reading

So for the holidays I ended up travelling quite a bit visiting family and friends spread out across the midwest, for when I wasn’t travelling I was mostly spending my time eating food or catching up on all of my family and friends lives and gossiping. But when I was doing none of that I was mostly reading. Part of this was because in half the places I was my friends had crappy to even NO internet access leaving me in the dark of other happenings in the world. This also made it extremely difficult to actually sit down and watch some anime to talk about on the blog.

I did make it back home yesterday, after a little over a full week away from my precious internet and anime… and then everything kinda hits me at once. I was exhausted beyond belief and can barely sluggishly move around the house, much less put in the energy to watch something without falling asleep. I also believe somewhere on the way I caught something because I still feel fairly sluggish and light headed.

So since all I did that was worth talking about was reading, I decided I would put this blog post up to let people know I am still sort of alive, albeit only slightly.

Luckily I don't seem to be running a fever... yet...

Luckily I don’t seem to be running a fever… yet…

As someone who likes to read I can easily say half of my luggage travelling ended up being stuff to read. I brought a few books with me such as Narnia and the last two volumes of The Seven Realms novels, which their names escape me right now for some reason, as well as bringing a plethora of manga to read, or reread, with me as well. This included Barakamon, D-Frag, My Little Monster, My Love Story, Say “I Love You”, and Nisekoi. Along with these physical copies of manga I also brought along with me my digital collection of Hayate the Combat Butler which ended up being my primary reading material.

Honestly I barely touched my books in fact other than Barakamon I can’t recall reading anything other than Hayate the Combat Butler for most of my free time. So primarily I guess you can say this post will be short and mostly about Hayate. Which is not exactly a bad thing is it? No of course it isn’t and if it is I don’t care. Why? Because Hayate has this hiding its pages!

What were you expecting something from the manga here?

What were you expecting something from the manga here?

Hayate no Gotoku is an interesting series really for me. Not just in its story and comedy but the fact that it is a shonen series, much like One Piece or Naruto, and has been out for ten years now, being only a few years younger than its larger cousins from Jump, but is hardly known in my opinion compared to them. This may be the fact OP and Naruto is older, or it could be helped by the fact Jump is probably just more popular than Shonen Sunday. Either way as with anything long running you notice the changes over time.

Specifically there are what I consider two major changes over time that I personally noticed with Hayate no Gotoku. As it started out and worked its way into the world one thing it never seemed to rely on was fanservice. Yes yes there was SOME as any series has some working for it. But I noticed as the chapters got higher and higher, the fanservice seemed to ramp up and up. Now for some series this works, and in my opinion it works for this one, because they don’t really use the fanservice as a selling point as much as to help the story in some way. But other series out there rely only on the fanservice after awhile and forget the story.

The other thing and this one should be obvious to happen is the improvement in the art. Over ten years characters have changed, even if slightly, they get more definition and are drawn a hundred times better than they used to be. Of course this can end up being a double edged sword as some people may actually like the change in art while others prefer it staying the same. In other words… yeah it is that favorite phrase of mine: It is all personal taste in the end.

Baka! Stop expecting relevant pictures in this post already!

Baka! Stop expecting relevant pictures in this post already!

Overall for me Hayate the Combat Butler was a fun ride to catch up on and see it evolve over its ten year course. It is still an ongoing series though so I will continue to enjoy it. Though Hayate makes me jealous by being a natural gigolo.

Anyway… that is about all the energy I have for today. Hopefully this bug of mine will clear up and I can get back to focusing on things. Though with it being the end of the season for anime… all I really have left to do is start watching what I put aside this season… and I am not sure what process I want to take with that yet. So it may be a few days before I get around to posting again.

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