Amagi Brilliant Park, Post Season Watching

I have finally pulled myself away from my Steam games (oh you glorious sales and gifts… why do you distract me so?) and started watching Amagi Brilliant Park. Now with this post I am going to try to do something a little bit different, essentially instead of just talking about an episode at a time like I usually do I am going to try to talk about the season as a whole. This should be interesting because… well I have bad memory so who knows what all I will be able to recall from the beginning other than moments that really got my attention.

So without further ramblings, let’s get this show on the road!


So since this is my first time doing a full season review-ish sort of thing… I am not entirely sure how I want to go about it really. I guess I will just do it my own way so I will talk about some of the characters, the story/show itself,  my general thoughts over the show, and other odd tidbits here or there. Hopefully this will all work out in the end as an actual post!


Amagi Brilliant Park comes with a large plethora of characters, both named and unnamed, some there for just an episode or two, some background characters that show up here or there, and finally the main cast whom are there every episode. Obviously talking about all of them would be quite an undertaking that would probably cause this post to be insanely long for no reason. I think to make it simpler on me I will keep it focused on the main cast for the most part here.

Kanie Seiya: Starting out with the narcissistic ex-child actor, Kanie is more or less the main guy of the show, recruited by Sento and Latifa to manage the theme park and bring in 250,000 guests before August arrives. Pulling ridiculous ways to try to bring in guests such as making everything only 30 yen or even some less ridiculous things such as cleaning up the park and extending park hours.

Sento Isuzu: The musket wielding female main character of the show rarely showing emotions but quick to resort to violence and using her muskets on Kanie and the cast members if they get out of line. She is a Royal Guard of Latifa and over the course of the show begins to develop feelings for Kanie though she tends to try to and refuse her feelings.

Latifa: Princess of Maple Land and able to give magical powers to others by kissing them, she is cursed and has her body and memories reset each year. She has lived the life of a 14 year old girl for over a decade.

Moffle: Based off of one of KyoAni’s other characters Moffle, while possibly being one of the hardest workers at the park, is quick to anger especially if you call him a rip-off.

Macaron & Tirami: So I am putting these two together because even though they are different characters they kind of have the same attitude and prankster like personalities. Also the way they more or less tease Sento and Kanie through the show is great.

Elementario: The cast of four girls: Salama, Muse, Sylphy, and Kobori who make the stage plays happen. They represent the four elements and their magical powers have some control over those elements.

Now like I said there is plenty of others on the cast of this show but they have smaller, less screen time, jobs. Such as the security guard, the ones in charge of accounting and sales, and other such things like that. Doesn’t mean they are not important enough to not be talked about. Just it would take forever to list the other like twenty members that can be named.



To me the story behind Amagi is kind of a mix of nothing all that new but at the same time being unique and interesting. As far as I was led to believe everyone, excluding Kanie and a few other hired employees later on in the show, are all from a magical world called Maple Land. The people from this world exist in our world by the fun and happiness of the people from ours and as such run amusement parks to exist. Amagi though is on the verge of collapse and in order to pull off a miracle Sento hires Kanie to help bring the park to its needed 500,000 guest quota, of course by hire I mean she is using her muskets the way she loves to use them.


Over the course of the show we get a great amount of fun scenes while Kanie tries to pull in as many guests as he possibly can before the deadline arrives. Such as going through a complex labyrinth to find forgotten about cast members, charging 30 yen for everything, and hosting a soccer game. But another thing that happens that some shows tend to forget about is the growing of characters. While Amagi might not have quite a bit of it we do see some, such as Sento slowly realizing her true feelings for Kanie, the Elementario girls over coming their shortcomings to be better as a group, Kanie realizing at the end he was truly having fun, and Moffle finally accepting Kanie to run the park.

Really that is the jist of it as well. They need to get to 500,000 visitors before August or the park is shut down, and if the park is shut down many of the cast members will cease to exist because they wouldn’t be a big enough hit anywhere else to exist properly. There are a few other things that we learn of, such as the antagonist being the one who cursed Latifa with losing her memory and forced to stay at the same age was the one trying to close the park. But overall there wasn’t much else to the show.

Overall Thoughts:

If I were to rate Amagi it would probably end up being about… a 6 or 7 out of 10. Which is my rating of enjoyable to watch, but doesn’t have anything big going for it that would put it up to an 8 or 9. If you have the time to watch it and want a few good laughs at the fun moments it is a great series. But that is about it really, really one of the highlights of the show was just how the cast interacted to one another of the course of the series.

Also Kanie’s narcissism knew no bounds and that was a great laugh quite a few times.



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