Winter 2015 Anime Season, First Episode Impressions (Ein)

Another anime season is upon us and I want to start this one much like the last with my first episode impressions. Even though the season is just starting and there really is only a handful of shows with episodes out so far in what would be considered the new season. Personally I just want to get it started already, and given how much I tend to watch per season… I will end up with two or more of these posts anyway.

Now on with the impressions!!


When Shows Just Confuse Me

Yurikuma Arashi

OK so I watched this one because I heard some talk about it and was curious about what they were talking about. Pretty much best way I can describe this is exactly like this: “What happens when you mix yuri, bears, and vivid colors together? Confusion.” Was it bad? Well that is obviously up to who is watching, but for me… it was not horrible… but it wasn’t exactly grabbing me to come back and watch it further… will have to look into it later maybe?

I Sense Harems

Absolute Duo

So far of what I have watched today… I think this one actually had the most promising start. With having its entrance examination being a fight between the students and then the whole living together with your partner thing it went with. Honestly no idea where the show will go but it seems interesting, also it has that amazing professor who is the gif I used above. She is insane and awesome and I want to see more of her.

Testament of Sister New Devil

I admit I have no idea if this will actually be a harem of any sense, but it kind of gave that vibe even if only slightly. Currently sitting at probably the third best of what I have seen so far we have a new show about demons, gods, heroes, and fanservice. Honestly though while the first like 3/4’s of the episode seemed like a perfect set up of any good ol’ rom-com with the father remarrying and the marriage gives the single male child two new sisters, it was the last 1/4 of the episode that showed off the whole demons and magic side that caught my attention fast.

Time to Ship Your Yuri Ships


Based off the ever popular game, KanColle brings to life warships in the forms of cute girls. We have been teased and hinted with getting this anime for I think about a year or so now but are only getting it now. Of the four I saw today this one makes second even though I know nothing of the KanColle universe really. But of what I saw today I am looking forward to more of the show to see where exactly it goes from here.


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