Winter 2015 Anime Season, First Episode Impressions (Zwei)

Today marks the second batch of first episode impressions for the new anime season as well as the first post linked to my Facebook account (which is why my follower count seemingly shot up from the low 30’s to over 100). Sure I will probably annoy some people on my Facebook, but I am pretty sure for like 3/4’s of the people that are friends on there are either inactive accounts, don’t remember who I am, or ignore my posts already anyway! I’m also sure that Military! tag will bring in a few of the wrong crowd for this post… but… eh who cares.

Anyway! On with the impressions!


Something Weird… Has Arrived!

Assassination Classroom

Yeah that’s right I just stole FUNi’s line for how the introduced the show. Got a problem with it?! Didn’t think so. Well this is definitely going to be one of the shows I am going to keep an eye on, I have only read the first volume of the manga but it had me hooked from that one volume, I just have not gone to read anymore yet. Which now I may put on hold so I can watch the show without being spoiled of future events. Kuro-sensei is zany and awesome and freaking scary all rolled into one lovable package with a perfect voice actor. The color palette and how it is all drawn up in the show may take a little work to get used to but it isn’t anything like a full CG show or anything so it won’t be THAT hard.

I Sense More Harem Fun


Saekano is about a group of kids running one of those circle groups that run out of places like Comiket and they are working together to make a Visual Novel game. We are given quite the group with the tsundere childhood friend who has a crush on the MC and is the groups visual runner, making all the backgrounds and I also assume characters for the game, the sportsy cousin who does the music scores for the game and while I am not entirely sure for now if she had feelings for the MC she definitely doesn’t mind teasing him, the cool beauty type who is the groups scenario writer and seems perfectly willing to do anything needed to get a good scenario, may or may not like the MC, and the deadpan sidekick who after the first episode gives me the vibe of wanting the MC herself as well. Of course there is also the MC who is unfortunately your typical spineless and useless harem protag… but I give him passing points for wanting to make a game and the girls make up for his shortfalls.

Military! Moes


This one is a short and I do mean short, as in a 3 min skit with half of that 3 mins being the ending at least in the first episode. Despite this it packs a lot into that short time and honestly I absolutely loved it. Though… I have honestly no idea if it will go somewhere over the next couple of months… or just be a quick fun ride for some quick laughs. I am suspecting the latter right now currently.

The Game of Death

Death Parade

Wow… well Death Parade comes in as a recommendation from a friend and I got to say I don’t know what I was expecting, especially from that opening sequence, but it was definitely interesting. I don’t really want to spoil it, and I unfortunately right now can not think of a way to talk about it without spoiling it, so I just will do what my friend did and recommend it to anyone who might be interested in it. Won’t know if you like it until you try it.


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