Introduction to Reader’s Madness

It has been awhile since Wolfie announced that I was joining the blog. Sorry for the wait. I haven’t wrote anything semi-serious for public eyes in a long time. I also tend to either get sick a lot or sleep too little/too much. So it took awhile to get myself to sit down and commit to writing a blog post. I lacked focus. Hopefully this gets easier.

But enough about my worries, welcome to my Reader’s Madness.

Quick History: I use to read a lot of books, but a few years ago it became too pricey to keep buying books with the speed I was reading them. And I wasn’t a fan of library books. So I stopped reading for about 3 years till recently I got a Kindle. The Kindle has opened my eyes back up to reading. Lots of books on Kindle are cheaper compared to their print forms. So I’ve had a renaissance of reading in the recent months.

This is a pretty simple introduction with not much going on. My Reader’s Madness series of blog posts will focus on books. These will be more like ramblings on books than professional level writing. I’m a tad insane, so ramblings work better. The posts will come in a few forms.

1.) Book Reviews: A ramble about a book I have finished. (I have a ‘Finished’ list of 26 books at the moment and a ‘need to finish’ list of 7 books. So I have a good backlog of stuff to review.) This will be the majority of the posts.

2.) Adventures of Window Shopping: Thoughts on when I’m searching for new books to read. Things that turn me off from checking out some books and so forth. Kindle lets you download ‘samples’ of books, this is how I usually shop for new books.

3.) Concepts I Enjoyed/Hated Reading: I’m a failure of a writer, but I still think as a writer. There are some things I read in books that excite me as a writer. Or concepts that went wrong, but can be learned from. This sounds vague, but its the best I can explain it. I just know there are things I’ll like to talk about as a writer. Cause any book and all books are the writer’s textbook.

That’s all I have planned, more may come to mind later.

Tomorrow’s Reader’s Madness post will be about the kind of books I read, so you’ll have an idea of what types of books I’ll review. Cause I’m not the most varied reader.

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4 Responses to Introduction to Reader’s Madness

  1. iblessall says:

    Welcome, Sacae! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll be looking forward to your posts!


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