Winter 2015 Anime Season, First Episode Impressions (Drei)

Hooray! We have finally gotten the long awaited Sacae post! It will be fun having both of us posting here and I am looking forward to seeing where we got from here.

In the anime side of the world there have been plenty of what the hell moves on Crunchyroll’s side of things it seems. Crunchyroll being my main way to watch anime alongside FUNimation, FUNi has done an amazing job with getting shows this season compared to previous seasons. But things most of us were anticipating Crunchy to get because they had the previous seasons of either have not shown up yet or, in the worst case here, have territories that don’t seem to make any sense. I want my Dog Days Season 3 Crunchyroll! COME ON!

Aside from that though, this season seems to be a little lackluster, even including what I am about to do here I am still well under half of what I usually roll with each season. I guess that isn’t a bad thing though given I have school coming back up and I need to focus on that.

Anyways, on with the impressions!


Food Porn

Gourmet Girl Graffiti

NO! It isn’t actual porn, jeez get your minds out of the gutters. While the faces the MC made while eating were certainly exaggerated to some degree, even getting the comment of the way she eats being sexy, it seems that behind all that there is some semblance of a story going on here. One that I know all too well personally, in that good food always tastes better when you are eating with somebody, and that good food is only meh or alright when eaten alone. Given the light load this season is giving me so far, I will probably keep up with it just because.

More Harems

Unlimited Fafnir

A single guy student in a school full of girls with superpowers. Of course this one will be a harem! Putting that aside for now though… mattering how this all plays out I might actually enjoy it. In the turn my brain off and just enjoy the girls and any action that happens kind of way at least. I am not expecting anything grand from this after the first episode, just a simple not good but not bad series.

World Break: Curse for a Holy Swordsman

My god does that little sister character have one hell of a personality. I could barely keep up with it! Overall this one was fairly weak of an episode compared to what else has come out… but… I am weak towards what has any sort of fantasy sense to it… or is a harem… I will give it another couple of episodes but this one is looking like a drop right now.

Innocent Fantasy

Maria the Virgin Witch

Hmm well it may take me a couple of episodes to get used to the art style personally, but that aside it actually seems kind of interesting as a show. It is taking place during the warring age between France and England, using the myths and fantasies of the times with witches, magic, and other such fun stuff I enjoy in a fantasy. Also Maria’s complete innocence and utter lack of knowledge about anything romantic or sexual is hilarious already for me.


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