Reader’s Madness: What do I read?

This is akin to another part of introducing this series of posts called Reader’s Madness. Last time I gave an overview of what kind of posts there will be, today I will give you an idea on what kind of books I read. Thus what kind of books I will be reviewing. As I said last time, I’m not the most varied of readers. So here we go.

I mostly read fantasy books. There are always exceptions that get by my usual taste, but mostly it is fantasy. Sword and Sorcery are how some of them are labeled. I also have a stroke of different dragon books that present their dragon systems in interesting ways. Funnily I have a thing for thieves/assassins. (It’s a little odd when I realized the amount of thieves/assassins main characters I had.) These are a few types that I have kind of been drawn to in the last few months.

But I rarely will read anything set in our world. When I was younger this wasn’t true. But, as I grew older I also grew bored of reality. Maybe that’s a little dramatic. It’s also the fact I want to write fantasy so I tend to read them as my textbooks. There are two books I have that break this ‘rule’ that I will review, but they are different enough to be the exceptions.

Also I tend to stay away from paranormal (vamps and werewolves) and I haven’t read a Science Fiction book in a long while.

There are two things you will probably realize about me.

1.) I need at least one female character involved in the main plot. Doesn’t have to be the main character PoV. People could call me a feminist, but it’s not really about that. I just like having someone I can project myself onto or admire or something akin to that. (if it’s not clear, I’m female myself)

2.) I’m not huge on romance. I don’t mind it, but sometimes it can get a tad too much. Heck some romances I love. Maybe the better wording is I’m cautious of romance in books and judge it on how it’s presented.

I explain these two things, because you will probably see my view on a romance or a female character in my reviews. (If I approved of them and such) I will likely bring up how the book I’m reviewing handled them is all. Cause I have been burnt by books by how these are handled.

These won’t be the main part of the review, but they will be there and I’m sorry if that’s bothersome to you.

Anyways, that’s about it for today. I have a trip tomorrow to a casino/hotel so I won’t post till Friday night or the next morning. My next post will be my attempt at my first book review.

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