Artwork Extravaganza #11

I know, I know. I didn’t do an artwork post last week. But I did do two other posts instead, so I think I should be safe from the scorn of people who were looking forward to the awesome pictures.

So the like… three people who may read this?

Hopefully I don’t forget more posts once school starts next week…


I am honestly surprised by how fast some artists can be when it comes to bringing out a piece for a show that literally just started. Maybe it just shows my incompetence with drawing in general… not sure. Anyway this one is from Absolute Duo and two of my favorite parts is the reflections and the ripples in the water. Surprisingly…


Can’t remember where I grabbed this one but it definitely looks like it came straight out of a Ghibli film.

Confession: I have never finished a Ghibli film from beginning to end.


This piece, and the other one the author drew, has/were at the top of the Pixiv charts for quite a few days if I remember correctly. I love how it is kind of hard to tell if they are floating in the clouds, or if they are on the sea and the moon and stars are just reflections on water. Also the whole city/cathedral looking parts on the ships.


Ever wonder what it would be like to live in a town/house that was one with nature? I know I have. Though I don’t think I could survive without my internet for long.


Pacific Rim. Mecha destroying giant monsters. Yeah I like it.


I love the color differences here with the black and white contrasted with the sharp blue the eyes and shards have.


Tharja was one of my favorite characters from Fire Emblem: Awakening and I have no idea why… she just was. Also some of the art I have found of her is… dangerously delicious…


About StoneWolfe6211

I'm your average twenty-something that just happens to not have your average twenty-something life. I enjoy Anime and Manga. I also like to dabble in writing and Drawing. I also play more games than is necessarily healthy.
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3 Responses to Artwork Extravaganza #11

  1. locksleyu says:

    Wow, amazing art! I wish all anime and manga had such amazing visuals – of course, given the amount of time it takes to create a single cell makes this impossible (:

    One of my favorite Japanese artists was “Empire boy” (帝国少年). Check around online and you may find his stuff.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It would be amazing to see an anime or manga with that level of detail every episode/chapter. But yeah the amount of time and money required to pay for that time would make it impossible.


      • locksleyu says:

        Actually, now with CG being more common we are getting closer to that ideal, though since it’s still essentially a work of art it takes a whole team of people a great deal of time to do CG.


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