Absolute Duo, Episode 3

So this is my first episode write up of this season and I still believe I am not good at this at all! But people read it so I guess it is alright. Tomorrow I will put up another post with a bunch of the 2nd episodes that I missed while they piled up. From here on out I will do my usual random grabbing of shows and doing episode write ups.


This episode starts out with the amazing Tsukimi-sensei and we get more of her antics plus some of the foreshadowing that I have been hearing about to an even more awesome version of her? So… yeah this episode might be interesting. Anyway according to the professor we are going to start the first mock battle between the students, and with her wicked grin… I think it will be very interesting to watch.

After the OP we come to Thor and Julie practicing getting a better feel of each others moves and other such things together. They work out how Thor can be of use seeing as he doesn’t technically have a weapon and can only be on the defensive for the most part with his shield. After their training Thor is up at the track, probably returning from the lockers or something, and runs into Hotaka just as she passes out from her work out.


When she comes to of course she freaks out because Thor is carrying her now to the infirmary. But after she calms down they talk to each other mostly about herself and how she feels like she is holding Tomoe back especially when compared to Tomoe, Thor, and Julie. That night Thor has a nightmare about his past when a girl, I assume being family or something, saves him from being killed by some guy who looks mysteriously like Thor.

Now it is time for the mock battle between the students. Of course going through the fights Thor and Julie are an amazing duo given the bonus of of the defensive + offensive pairing of the two and they quickly go through a few groups over the first hour. They then run into Tomoe and Hotoka and fight against them, they win but are able to give Tomoe and Hotoka a bit of a pep talk over it which was nice I guess?


After their fight they assume they have time for one more fight when they hear a scream in the building. When they arrive they find Tora and Tatsu beaten on the floor. After this is when Tsukimi-sensei shows up and attacks Thor and Julie. Besides seeing that Tsukimi can kick the snot out of the students we learn a couple other things. Such as with the intent to do so, Blaze can be used to kill someone. Also when a Blaze is destroyed it does some major mental damage to the user and knocks them out.

They are tossed around quite easily by Tsukimi for a bit before Thor and Julie pull off a bit of an impressive bit of teamwork together, destroying her Blaze. They end up winning the mock battle, rescuing the others, questioning Tsukimi’s reasoning for the fight, and of course at the end of the day…. getting caught in a compromising situation just as any protag-kun should be able to do.


Not a bad episode overall and I see why people were talking about it. If it keeps going on like this, it will easily be my favorite this season.


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