Winter 2015 Season, Second Episode Round-up 2

As I said I would in my post last night, this is going to be the second post over the second episodes that I missed while spending time in the hospital. I decided to add Yatterman Night to the roster and two shows are now near the dropping point for this season.

So lets get going shall we?


Maria the Virgin Witch:

So while I do kind of thing they seem to put to much emphasis on Maria’s virginity it also kind of builds her as a character I feel, so for now I will try to overlook it. I am still enjoying this one with the second episode and might add it to the rotation here and there to talk about in detail.

World Break:

Well… I won’t drop it like I thought I would. But boy is it on the edge right now. It really is so far on the extreme side of barely able to watch for me.

Unlimited Fafnir:

It may be because of how insanely meh World Break was… or maybe it is this show itself… but good lord was I bored watching this episode… not quite gonna drop it yet in the hopes something interests me here, but it is on the edge with World Break right now.

Gourmet Girl Graffiti:

The best way to describe this show is those random Shaft visuals and flair with the focus being on the food and sensual ways of eating it. It’s essentially food porn, without being porn at least… that will be saved for a show that I believe is coming sometime this year but we can talk about that later obviously. But boy did they amp up that Shaft flair this episode, well and the food porn half at the end.

Death Parade:

Hmm, this was actually quite interesting seeing the first episode from another perspective with the other characters who are in the show. Overall so far I would have to say this show is probably going to be the most interesting this season, just something about the whole game of death thing is really intriguing to me here. I also want to see where it goes from here, is it just going to be a string of games or will it have some sort of story behind it?

Samurai Warriors:

Really… not much going on here. Plots are thickening, factions are forming, and other useless war things like that. Overall I am not expecting a single thing from this show right now except for maybe some action scenes here and there.

Yatterman Night:

So just starting this… seems like the moon implodes or something due to… something, not quite sure by what, then we get some large timeskip I guess where we see the protagonist go through some of their childhood as well as learn some things about this new world that is shaped after all the destruction at the beginning. Basing off the first episode at least we are going to have one of those types of stories where your typical bad guys, thieves in this case, are actually the good guys and the ones praised as the good guys, some hero characters or something, are actually bad guys.

Overall through the first 2 episodes the show gave off quite a… childish, I guess would be the proper word here…  vibe to them. Not that this is entirely a bad thing I suppose but it could easily turn some people away who prefer the more mature shows that show up in anime. I on the other hand can enjoy the childish/silly shows out there so, assuming I remember to watch it at least, this one is added to the list.


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