Isuca, Episode 1

So this is a rare case in the season of it has a late start, most shows have already aired or will be airing their 3rd episode this last week/weekend, AND it is even the rarer case of I have actually read some of the manga before the series had started, given it has been awhile since I even looked at the manga…

In other news this might be my only post this weekend because I have a list of things I need to do and honestly the longer I put them off by watching anime the worse it will be for me later on. Also some people have told me they actually like the format of the quick summaries of episodes rather than these full length ones I do… so… I might just do that every week or two instead and find other things to post about.

Anyways on with the show!


Well the show starts out slightly annoying with ye olde black bars of screen blinding censoring… ANYWAY, lady is naked, traps teenage boy, some demon like thing erupts from naked lady, says she will eat said boy, and then arrows fly through her neck and head. Well the show certainly knows how to get the attention off the first two minutes I suppose despite its censoring. Hopefully the censoring isn’t insane, I seem to recall this series having a fair bit of ecchi in the manga, though as I said it has been awhile since then.

Well I guess ecchi is right as the first thing we see out of the opening is chest and butt shots of girls during a gym class. We also have the wonderful sidekick/protag’s best friend who happens to know everything of every girl in the school and is a complete pervert. We also have the delicious hot nurse/teacher who likes to tease the protag! At this point the protag is looking for a job so he can pay for his home since his parents left him there, so the teacher gives him a job cleaning the chemistry room.


After he is done he hears a scream and in the hall a student has a large slash on her back and in the shadows something is staring at the group of onlookers until it turns away seeing a drawn bow. He tells the girls to take the hurt one to the hospital as he chases after the creature. It leads him to the old school building where he loses track of it but finds a girl instead. She is pinned to a tree by an arrow and asks for help after he pulls it out Shimazu, whom he ran into earlier, shows up with her over the top tsundere-ness.

Trying to protect the girl from Shimazu he learns she is actually the creature that he saw earlier. The creature ends up running off and Isuca gets mad at Asano, this is the protags name by the way, and ends up knocking him out by choking him. Before he dies though she does stop and then forces him to help her capture the creature.


We get a little background here on the show itself, such as the centipede/demon creature from before and this cat are called specters, and Shimazu comes from a long line of people who seal the them. Also Asano apparently is special because he can stay within a barrier when no normal human should be able to. That is when the cat tries to attack and Shimazu shoots it with another arrow. Following the blood trail below the window it jumped out of they run into the girl from earlier, but she has a claw mark on her not an arrow.

This is when another creature, the Raiju, shows up with the arrow sticking out of it. Attacking it though we see that Shimazu is far from the strong character really, that or the Raiju is just insanely more powerful than she is, as her attacks do nothing and he absorbs electricity growing larger. Funny though either they are lucky enough to not be hit directly… or the badass Raiju is toying with them right now because the attacks so far have only barely hit and shredded clothes.


Oh yes… I forgot about this part… the life force taking. But it also shows that there will be plenty more of boorish and bad censoring… anyway after the bad censoring another lightning strike throws Asano on top of Shimazu and causes and accidental kiss. Through this kiss Asano sees some memories of Shimazu, and she gains her life force power back plus more. Which she uses to end up sealing the Raiju this time around. The episode ends with Shimazu pointing another arrow at the catgirl.

Well… let’s see… for something that grabbed my attention fairly well off the bat… this went down hill fast… I will admit my memory is vague on the manga… but going from this episode alone of the adaptation I will voice my problems with it so far:

1) Bad censoring – namely the screen covering white or black bars rather than the ones I call “tasteful” such as steam, smoke, dust, etc etc. From what I recall of the manga though… that censoring will be rampant and will easily drive my desire to keep watching down.

2) Voices – It may just be me and how I put the voices in my head while reading it… but the voices just don’t seem to match the characters for me.

3) Tsundere – Honestly… I am a bit tired of the tsundere shtick and Shimazu is playing it to the max almost more than the queens of tsundere and it surprises me even more that the queen herself Rie Kugumiya isn’t voicing her.

I was actually looking forward to this a little bit because I do remember somewhat enjoying the manga, even if it was just as a light read, but this adaptation… I am not sure how spot on it was compared to the manga, I reiterate it has been awhile since I read it, but this honestly had to be the worst start of the season… the shows I dropped were better than this… As such I will NOT be keeping up with this one and just see what people say about it, honestly I am sure the only reason to watch at this point is the catgirl and with the censoring? Half of her moments would be crap anyway, maybe Pixiv will have some nice art of her later but I expect NOTHING from this show.


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2 Responses to Isuca, Episode 1

  1. wellspokenman says:

    When I finished watching the show, I looked up the manga because that was nothing like I remembered. Horrible adaptation so far. It’s obvious from the outset that this will be all about BD sales. Pretty disappointing, this is a lot like Testament in that the story looks like it will get tossed out the window so they can cram in more fan service.

    The original manga was plenty of ecchi, they didn’t need to double down on it. Particularly if it meant altering the story.


    • Thing about Testament though, I read the manga shortly after the first episode (by accident and hopefully it doesn’t change my opinion of the show because I dropped Wolf Girl and the Black Prince because I read the manga during and dropped that) but from what I have seen it has adapted fairly well so far.

      But Isuca was just… awful…


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