Winter 2015 Season, Third Episode Summaries

Honestly I am still debating internally what to do this season.

One part of me wants to just pick and choose random shows and do my usual long episode write ups, even though I feel like I need to change how I write those because all I am really doing is saying what happened with a few lines of monologue, the good part being that when I do this it is usually a show from the day I write the post so it is out quicker.

Another part of me just wants to do what I am doing in this post where I just shoot out quick summaries of how I felt about the episode overall, which I think is slightly better because the way I have written them so far usually avoids major spoilers and just gives my feelings over the particular episode rather than spoiling everything out from the episode, the bad thing though is with this I tend to do a whole weeks worth of anime in one post and that means it tends to be quite a while after some of the episodes have aired.

Yet another part wants me to figure out a way to somehow do both, maybe with a few medium to long summaries and the rest being short quips. This though would still have the problem of most of the episodes having aired days before unless I maybe split it up into 2 or 3 posts, which would cut the size of the post to only a few hundred words probably… but I would have most shows talked about the day of or only a few days after the air date.

Either way though this season is fairly lackluster with only I think 13 or so shows I am actively watching and 2 of those are near the dropping point and may be dropped today mattering how their episode goes.

One nice thing about that though is it lets me focus on me getting back into school as well as opens up paths for me to blog about other things such as gaming or reading. Also the blog is fairly young still so it isn’t exactly insane that I am still trying to figure out how I want to do things.



Obviously saving all my watching for one single day means that most shows are way past the date they actually aired and as such, especially with how much time I spend on Crunchyrolls forums, some things end up being spoiled overall. In case with this episode it was the surprise of this so far going on cute girls-esque show having a death, or for this show a sinking, which I can admit I wasn’t entirely expecting either from this show, but the death flags were being set EVERYWHERE!!!!

Testament of Sister New Devil

This was the episode that I think officially divided people. Those who dropped it are the ones who can’t deal with ecchi fanservice of this, or probably any, level. The rest sticking with it are probably so desensitized to this type of fanservice that it is just another thing they practically expect from shows like this and start acting lost and confused when it isn’t there. I of course am sticking with it because… DAT ASS!!

Also I read the manga so I was anticipating all of this anyway and I have honestly seen worse so…


I feel like there was more happening at the restaurant that was more interesting than their conversation… at least until the two girls Aki stood up show up. But boy he puts even me to shame as an otaku type… of course MOST otaku put me to shame as an otaku. I loved Kato this episode though, especially how her conversations with Aki just roll effortlessly even though they barely know each other.


Not much to say here. Still insane. Still awesome. This time involving Kotatsu Artillery/Tanks.

Death Parade

Gotta say I am absolutely loving this show right now. It is possibly my favorite right now, if not favorite easily Top 5 along with Absolute Duo, Yatterman Night, Saekano, and Maria. I think it is the whole game of death thing it has going on that has me hooked.

Gourmet Girl Graffiti

Straight from the get go we get Shaft visual Food Porn, and it somehow keeps me interested. I am not sure how. Though I thought it was kind of funny how it sort of turned into a cooking show it felt like in the last half, or at least they suddenly became very aware of where we were viewing from.

Unlimited Fafnir

There are probably a billion things I could nitpick about this right now but I seriously just don’t have the energy for it. Simplest terms here right now shall be…. I think I am going to drop this one, it just isn’t interesting me enough to warrant to keep going with it.

World Break

Well unlike Fafnir… while this one isn’t exactly thrilling and has its faults showing like an open book, it hasn’t quite given me a reason to just drop it either… yet… it is close but it not quite yet just drop.

Maria the Virgin Witch

My god the familiars and Michael’s proxy… probably my favorite conversation ever… wait could that be counted as a conversation? I’m not sure.

I was really looking forward to this episode honestly. Especially since the last time I talked about Maria was in a bit of a religious post about it, which due to selfish personal reasons, I tend to avoid.

Yatterman Night

Yup this was definitely a great episode. I am still insanely curious what this show will bring out for its antics. Even if I barely understand half of it! Also… how did he build all of that in one night? Where did the parts come from?!


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One Response to Winter 2015 Season, Third Episode Summaries

  1. wellspokenman says:

    I admit that I have issues with Testament. I don’t have an issue with fan service in general, but with Testament I feel that they have zeroed in on that one element at the expense of others. Showing me a shapely butt is fine, but holding the shot and adding another gust of wind is going to get an eyeroll. Particularly when they are barely covering the MCs past. I think that htis could have been an awesome anime if they had focused on the story and just let the fan service aspects occur naturally. There is plenty of ecchi already in the story without needing to add an extra gust of wind in the fight scenes, imo. Isuca has done the a similar thing in adding a lot of extra fan service on top of the story elements. It’s like salting your food before you eat it.

    I expect that next season High School DxD will show them both how to do it right.


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